Friday, 12 February 2010

Hello world!

Welcome one and all to my blog and, more specifically, my first blog post! My journalistic embarkings have aided my decision to start a blog- so here it is.

So who am I? a journalist? No not quite. I am a second year Media and Communications student, specialising in journalism, at Birmingham City University.

A Yorkshire girl at heart, I moved to Birmingham in late 2008 and am loving the bright lights of the city so far.

My main interests lie with the fashion industry. I aspire to be a fashion journalist and hope to run my own magazine one day.

Over these past few years my love for vintage clothing and accessories has grown enormously. I find vintage style to be so much more unique than bulk buying Topshop's new arrivals- not forgetting vintage tends to be much better quality too.

Then there's the thrill of the find. The bargain hunter in me (inherited through my ever-thrifty parents) loves finding that amazing piece for a knock-down price.

My love of vintage has grown so much that it now extends to other areas of life. I find myself scouting for cute kitsch bits and bobs to spruce up my very basic student halls kitchen and old cookbooks for bygone recipes.

So look out for upcoming posts guys, where I will share my finds, wishlist items and thoughts on all things vintage! ciao for now! x

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