Sunday, 25 April 2010

A spot of charity Shopping around Birmingham

As Birmingham town centre is, quite frankly, crap for charity shopping, I decided to travel a little further afield to see what I could find...

First stop was Moseley. Now I presumed that as the area is quite cosmopolitan and cool, there would be a few well-stocked charity shops- but no.

All I could find was Oxfam (both the regular and music/book variety) and I could uncover no treasures from either. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough; anyone know any more in Moseley?

Next stop was Kings Heath which is more or less ‘down the road’. Let me tell you girls, Kings Heath is the charity shop motherload!

These aren’t hidden away either. I didn’t stray from the main road and spotted around ten! Some of these were brilliant and had plenty of stuff to rummage through.

However I didn’t buy any clothes or accessories on my trip (probably a blessing as they’re all I’ve blogged about thus far!); I did buy a few household bits though.

First up was this great old wooden jewellery box which I found in PDSA for £2.99! The slightly battered and marked wood gives it a definite shabby chic feel!

I’m not so fond of the tapestry-style landscape scene which adorns the lid or the garish orange interior, but I think it looks good now all my jewels are displayed in it.

I also picked up these little ceramic pots which have a floral design painted on them. Perfect for my small bits of jewellery and only 80p each, bargain!

I can’t for the life of me think which charity shop these were from but it was near the bottom of the main road near Sainsbury’s.

I also spotted another charity shop that was closed whilst I was in the area- St. Mary’s Hospice. Cheekily peered through the window and it looked promising so may have to make another trip back to Kings Heath soon.

Anyone know any more areas of Birmingham particularly good for charity shopping? I’m also hoping to get down to a carboot sale soon so watch this space!

Friday, 9 April 2010

I love a good bargain bin

Popped into my local branch of COW (Birmingham) yesterday, which seems to have gotten increasingly expensive by the way; however managed to pick up these beauties in the bargain bin!

These patent evening bags were only £3 each! Amazing! I know they are both so similar, but at 3 quid each, who cares!

They are both clutch styles; however the top one has a short chain attached to it which can be left on the outside of the bag or hidden away inside.

I bought the top bag mainly because it's quite unusual in how it opens. The catch opens like a lever, then when you open the bag up it forms a box shape as the top edges are hinged.

I'm thinking of buying some cheap gold chain to attach so that the strap is longer and I can wear it like a shoulder bag- what do you think?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bargain hunting in Yorkshire

Okay, so I bought some vintage shoes merely days ago, but I couldn’t resist these...

I found these whilst doing a spot of charity shop trawling round my ends (Skipton, North Yorkshire), while I was around for the Easter holidays.

Skipton, whilst dire in almost every other sense, is brilliant for picking up a bargain. I spotted 7 charity shops today, and that was just in the immediate town centre!

The trouble I find with charity shops nowadays is that they are filled with modern throwaway fashion.

Where once there were many treasures to be uncovered from old relatives’ wardrobes, they are now stuffed with last year’s George and Primark junk.

However, whilst sifting through accessories in Help the Aged, I came across the red shoes. They are St. Michael (Marks and Spencer) and although I’m unsure of their age, they have a very distinctive vintage shape- both the curve of the foot hole and the short chunky heel.

They also have the typically narrow styling of a vintage shoe; though amazingly comfortable!

The leather is soft and in good condition. The heels and soles are immaculate; they look as if they’ve only been worn once.

Red is also probably my favourite colour and I’ve been on the lookout for some nice new additions to my shoe collection- so I was chuffed (especially for £2.99!)

I also picked up this cute floral scarf from The British Heart Foundation charity shop for £1.75.

It’s made from a silky material- unfortunately not the real deal (polyester according to the label) but nonetheless very soft!
Printed on the scarf is its designer’s name- Franco Laurenti. Not knowing anything about this designer, I did some quick internet research.

I found that he is an Italian designer and all I could find from him were scarves- so I guess he’s an expert! All the scarves I could find for sale were either listed on ebay (as vintage in most cases) and on specialist vintage websites.

The scarf smells a bit funky in its current state but this will be remedied with a quick wash or failing that, some Febreeze!
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