Monday, 31 May 2010

Bag Lady

So earlier today I decided to pop out and do a spot of charity shopping around Birmingham.

Okay, not the best idea being a Bank Holiday and all, but I’m on my own today which makes it the perfect time- as most people hate being dragged round charity shops with me!

Today I thought I’d try Northfield, a town South of Birmingham city centre.

I wasn’t expecting much to be open today so was fairly pleased to find three charity shops open (from what I could see): British Heart Foundation, Scope and DebRA.

It was at the latter of these shops (DebRA) where I made my purchases. I'm usually more successful with these lesser-known charity shops for some reason...

I bought these two awesome bags. The Navy one was £3 and the black one only £2- Bargain!

The navy bag is in fab condition. It doesn’t have a label inside but I can tell that it isn’t leather- love it anyway!

The black one is a bit battered (which I happen to like) and the label tells me that it was made for Woolworths.

Now, I don’t recall Woolworths doing handbags- did they? With the store going under maybe it will one day be a collector’s item, you never know!

I was also particularly pleased with the black bag as it’s quite similar to one I was watching on eBay anyway.

I wasn’t so pleased once I got it home however, as further inspection uncovered that it smells pretty damn nasty!

I’ll have to make some attempt to wash the lining (if that’s at all possible). I’ll let you know how that goes!


So remember the £3 bags I picked up at my Birmingham branch of COW? (Obviously you won’t, but there’s a link there!) Well one was pretty impractical as the chain attached to it was really short; and I resolved to get a longer one...

Well here it is!

I took the chain from the bag on the right- another £3 bargain bin find at COW (what are the chances?). I think the shiny gold chain actually goes better with my patent bag than the original shabby leather one.

So now I have a perfectly-useable evening bag and a, er, strapless, tatty, purse-like thing. I’m sure it’ll come in handy somehow...

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