Thursday, 20 May 2010

A classic mac: the ultimate solution to inbetween weather

The Great British weather. I'd like to think that its unpredictability is the reason for our complete unpreparedness for the changes it throws at us.

Always a talking point whether it be snowing, raining, hot or cold; and of course, we English are rarely satisfied with the result.

The Spring/Summer transition in particular is always a tricky one.

Pretty dresses, shorts and skirts hit the highstreet at the start of the season and, through wishful thinking I suppose, we start to panic about the weather and the need to update our wardrobes for the imminent instatement of the sunshine.

Of course this never happens and we are usually subjected to grey clouds and drizzle well into April.

However I have found the current weather tricky myself. It became apparent that I didn't have anything suitable in terms of 'outerwear' for the ever-changing weather.

My long, black, wool winter coat looked ridiculous as soon as the odd ray of sunshine peered through the clouds, and my various vintage denim jackets did little to keep the cold out when the overcast clouds decided to contradict what looked like a promising day a few hours beforehand.

I'd been toying with the idea of buying a nice classic mac for awhile and had my eye on this one (which you will soon learn that I did actually buy) from Zara for £49.99

The perfect combination of value for money and style. So what was stopping me? In short- the weather.

Every time I made up my mind to pop in and buy it, the weather perked up and I concluded that as it was getting hotter, I wouldn't have the chance to wear it.

The other day however, I bit the proverbial bullett and bought it. This came after an unexpected cold spell that I wasn't going to stand for any longer!

All this comes of course a few days before I open the paper and learn that this week is to be the hottest of the year so far.

The British weather- you just can't win!

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