Saturday, 12 June 2010

Birmingham Vintage Fair 12/06

The Custard Factory, Birmingham held another vintage fair today.

Last time the queue was huge! and I've been on my own today... but I still decided to wander down and check it out because they're always good.

I wasn't disappointed. There was no queue when I got there (queuing by oneself is not cool)and the place was rammed with vintage goodies.

I bought this cute vintage reworked dress by Salad. And yeah, I know I could've just got one at COW- but I liked it; also, the lovely lady on the stall let me go in her little selling station bit to try it on and even zipped the thing up for me, so how could I say no really...

(The dress was £12 by the way. Not bad)

I also bought these cool vintage sunnies for £4.

I love them but they're a bit big for my poor little head! Of course I didn't realise this until later when I was walking down the street in them, not managing to walk 5 feet without them falling down my nose! I'll have to try and tighten the screws or something.

I also got these cute polka dot fabric earrings for £4. I love big earrings and I love red and white together!

Unfortunately I didn't indulge my sweet tooth with any of the lovely cupcakes on sale today- on the inevitable summer diet!

Another highlight of the fair wasn't actually part of the fair itself...

The Saturday Flea Market (also held in the Custard Factory complex) is always a joy when the vintage fair is on.

Stall-holders know that there'll be extra people milling around and so pull out all the stops.

The Flea Market was packed today, so much so that it had spilled right out of the indoor location and took up much of the Custard Factory.

I saw it nearly as busy last week and just assumed that it was due to the nice weather. Maybe it's just becoming more popular!

In other news...

I'm having a clearout! It's that time of year again and I'm (supposed to be) packing up my things ready to move into my new student flat. So I'm selling a few bits and pieces on good old ebay.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm selling the vintage scarf I mentioned in an earlier blog post in case anyone liked the look of it :)

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  1. COW's rework label use to be "Salad" so no doubt it was originally from COW


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