Saturday, 19 June 2010

Car boot loot

It came to my attention today that there's a mini car boot sale right under my nose in my small home town of Settle!

I had always known about it but for some reason, going along never really occurred to me. Perhaps something to do with the locals...

Anyway, so I popped along to have a quick nosey around and man, was I glad I did!

I got all of this swag for just £3!!!

Now, I realise that I bought a little gold watch only the other day- but for 50p you can't go wrong can you? New battery in it and it's running perfect.

The bulk of my treasure is made up of various clip-on earrings (which I seem to be wearing more than those for pierced ears nowadays). Some of these aren't perfect but they were so cheap I got them anyway- the huge ones in particular are a bit scuffed on the pearl centre.

I particularly like the little black ones with flowers on- slightly more subtle than the others (which wouldn't look out of place in Kim Woodburn's jewellery box).

The chain is goldplated and I reckon it will look good layered with various other gold necklaces.

I really fancied driving off to a bigger car boot tomorrow but alas, I'll be working all day- the pitfalls of being a skint student (oh to have rich parents...). C'est la vie!

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