Thursday, 17 June 2010

Some serious denim...

I'm in a great mood today- why? Because I'm about to embark upon project denim shorts!

Daisy Duke- the denim shorts poster girl

So, as I'm back in Yorkshire for summer, I decided to go and pay a visit to my grandparents today.

Now, this set of grandparents, like many others I'm sure, are serial hoarders. I mean, seriously.

For a while, I've been talking about getting some vintage jeans (preferably Levi's) and cutting them up into shorts for summer. This hadn't proved very successful as most pairs I found were around a tenner- I couldn't bear to chop them up (not to mention the possibility of butchering them into unwearable shreds!)

However today my Dad mentioned that my Grandad had a shed load of old jeans which he bought to sell, and inevitably hadn't had any luck in doing so- always out to make a quick buck (usually selling old junk) my Grandad is.

Anyway, my Grandad handed over about 10 pairs of these jeans to me (and more to come tomorrow)- and behold! A stack of brand new/ old stock vintage American denim dating back to the 70s/80s I would say.

There's no wonder he couldn't sell these; the style is outdated. The jeans even proudly display the width of the bottoms on a label- 20" for most pairs!

The daft bugger's also been selling these at the wrong places. With the largest waist size being 29" (a UK 10-12), he's hardly going to shift many pairs at autojumbles! (It's a well-known fact that motorbike enthusiasts are dainty little creatures now isn't it?)

So the question became, 'what do I do with a load of old, tired jeans, sizes 25"-29" in summertime?' The answer? Make vintage denim cut-offs of course!

And here's my first pair...

I decided to make these into turn-ups rather than raw-edged shorts.

All I need to do now is stitch the turn-ups in place and it's job done!

(I haven't quite got Daisy Duke's figure, hence my pair being slightly more forgiving!)

Not bad considering that they initially looked like this!


So as I'm back on home turf, I paid a quick visit to the two charity shops in my small town.

Here are today's finds:

In the first of the two shops (its name escapes me), I bought this cute vintage perfume bottle and the small gold watch.

I haven't really been in this shop before in all honesty (once, a few years back looking for pirate-themed fancy dress items), and I actually found it to be quite expensive- as far as charity shops go.

I almost didn't get the perfume bottle, which was £5, but as I'm moving to a new flat soon (automatically equates new d├ęcor darling), I've been on the lookout for little nick nacks to spruce up the place.

The watch was only £3- which didn't exactly break the bank.

The second shop I visited was Age Concern where I got the scarf (seen underneath) for £1.50 and the gold necklace for £1.

All in all a great day for Katie- minus the sunburn (ouch!).

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