Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Just this 'n' that...

When I was blogging about my trip to Kendal, I completely forgot to mention an awesome little shop I found.

I spotted 'THIS 'N' THAT' from accross the road. I couldn't discern anything much from its name and the shop front's design left a lot to be desired (note use of half-peeling vinyl stickers), but I could see some interesting bits and bobs in the window.

This shop appeared to be the weird and wonderful love child of a charity shop and an antique shop. The prices reflect this too.

The shop was mainly filled with antique bits of furniture- at lower than expected prices. I managed to take a couple of quick pictures in the back room whilst nobody was around.

Everything is crammed inside in no particular way or well-thought out order- perfect if you like a good rummage like me!

In this room there was loads of old pictures, frames, books, records and more. This table with a set of four tapestry-covered chairs was only £50!

My favourite things in the shop were these big boxes of old teasets. You can pick these up at most charity shops but rarely such a large, complete set. You can just about make out the pricing- not bad for the amount of stuff, the one on the right is Limoges porcelain.

Speaking of tea-sets, on the way to Vintage Revival, I passed a fabulous tearoom-style cafe. They don't have a website but I found a picture on Flickr for you- it's copyrighted, so I can't steal it for your viewing pleasure but you can check it out on the link here.

The window is stacked with cool teapots and an extensive list of amazing icecream sundaes on offer. Yum.

I also took the liberty of creating this google map for you, should you ever decide to visit Kendal.

View Kendal, UK- Points of interest to vintage fans in a larger map

 All the places I've mentioned in this post and Monday's are marked, as are all the charity shops google maps would allow me to find- which again, isn't many.

I recommend taking a stroll up to Wildman Street where Vintage Revival is, it's an old street littered with antique shops and goes over the river too- lovely!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Kendal kicks

So as I mentioned yesterday, I went to Kendal today, a town in Cumbria.

I actually used to go to Kendal a lot (I spent one night a week humilating myself at the town's dry ski slope for some time) but haven't actually been for a few years.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted a vintage shop on the drive in- not what I expected to find here!

As my bearings are difficult to establish in areas I frequent a lot, I already had a pretty poor chance of finding the shop once parked up in the immediate town centre.

After much walking, a near heart attack and a bit of google maps, I found the shop- which was closed!

Yeah so apparently the shop opens between Tuesday and Saturday. It looked pretty interesting so I'll definitely be remembering it for next time.

Vintage Revival has an online shop which meant I could still have a browse.

Some pieces are a bit pricey but on the whole, it's pretty reasonable. It was duly noted that the shop offered student discount- hope this transfers to the website too!

So onto the charity shops...

I actually didn't find many, four or five I think, although I didn't have a great deal of time to explore.

I bought this blue, embellished batwing jumper from Scope for £4.95.

I'm not so hot on the colour, but I like a good batwing style top and the sequin and bead embellishment is really intricate and pretty- so I bought.

I also bought this bag from Age UK for £3.50.

I can't decide whether the bag looks cheap or not, but I liked the gold metal detail on the straps.

I bought the dress today too, it's from Topshop and was £35. A rare treat as I don't buy too many new clothes nowadays but this one's for a night out.

I also got this unusual long necklace from Oxfam for £3.99.

It's a porcelain pendant on a long, gold tone chain. The face is dark blue and has a victorian looking couple on the front.

It's marked with 'La Reine Limoges Porcelaine France' on the back. I've been trying to find out a bit about this mark but without a great deal of luck.

From what I can tell, they are an old reputable porcelain company who took over another manufacturer.

I've found my piece and similar ones elsewhere like one on ebay which I'll be watching to see how much it makes. Maybe mine's worth something!

On another note
, I bought some bright red hair dye (Live Color XXL in 43 Red Passion) as I'll be attempting to dye it red once again- goodbye black hair! (If all goes to plan...)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Burgundy- best left to 1970s news anchors?

First things first, I ended up working this morning so sadly no car boot trip BUT I have managed to wangle a rare day off tomorrow so plan to journey up to Kendal, where I believe many charity shops lie. I'll report back with any finds.

So why am I alluding to a popular Will Ferrell movie? Because I have some new burgundy shorts!

It all started with a new pile of vintage deadstock jeans I was given a few days ago.

Some of these look pretty old, especially the brown coloured pair on top.

These aren't particularly nice, or particularly big for that matter (23" waist!) but could possibly hold some value- check out the label above; retro!

Sadly, the only pair that fit were a rather unattractive, wide bottomed burgandy pair. One saving grace was the fact that these were only a size 27- pretty chuffed with that!

A few chops later...

... and these are what i have:

Not sure I carry them off but might give them a go on holiday. I think the colour might render them more appealing in autumn worn with some black opaque tights.

Speaking of denim shorts, rember those Levi orange tabs I found in a charity shop recently?

Here they are after being chopped into cut-off shorts:

What do you think? I didn't want to cut these too short- I figured they can always be turned up.

Did you notice the top I was wearing in the first pictures?

It's an old vest of my Dad's that he picked up in Rhodes before I was born. I ripped off the bottom to make it cropped.

There's a few of these types of tops around on the high street at the moment; although less so as the autumn stock is coming in.

This one is currently in Topshop at £16:

This London top, also from Topshop, definitely channels the 'tourist' theme of my vest. This one is in the sale at £10 (was £18), which isn't bad- mine cost nothing though!


Saturday, 24 July 2010

Vintage cases

I'm currently on the lookout for an old suitcase or trunk to use as storage in my new bedroom.

I was reminded how much I want one of these after looking at a post from one of my favourite blogs.

Much like these little beauties...

I've also got my eye on some cases listed on ebay.

These are a nice tan colour and look really shabby- how I like things to be!

They've already crossed the £20 mark though and the listing has over a day left.

This one claims to be from the 30s or 40s. The cream colour would really go well with my new room but again, a little pricey for me!

As I believe I have an unexpected Sunday morning off work, I may venture off to a car boot sale in search of one tomorrow.

Last week I was driving to work behind an infuriatingly slow pick-up truck and after gazing at the back of the vehicle for a good 10 minutes I saw something rather beautiful.

The truck was loaded with boxes and general rubbish and it was pretty clear that it was heading for a skip somewhere.

To my horror I noticed a beautiful old tapestry suitcase sticking out of the junk heap. If I hadn't already been late for work I would have followed the guy and demanded that I own this case!

I've trawled the internet to see if I could find you a picture of a similar one but no luck- gutted!

I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow- if I don't get roped into the breakfast shift at work tomorrow!

Images found on Flickr from mollypop, and catlovers

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Charity shop crawl

On Friday (would’ve posted then but absence of my camera prevented this) I ventured out to my local town of Skipton for a heavy session of charity shopping.

Skipton is hardly the Northern capital of style, although it was once crowned ‘Britain’s Best High Street’ (the how and why evade me), but it is however the mecca of charity shopping.

Okay, okay I may be exaggerating ever so slightly, but for such a small town it really does pack in its fair share of charity shops- I found about eight!

Navigating ones way around this maze of infinite treasure troves was a task I wouldn’t have wished upon Christopher Columbus; I, however, managed to hit them all (I think) before my 2 hour short stay car parking expired- score.

I might further explain that while 2 hours is rather a long time, the sheer amount of rooting, searching, rummaging, scanning etc. required in this activity is extensive; plus I needed to get a new mascara and the time I chose to pop into Rackhams (that’s House of Fraser to me and you) happened to be the time that the bloody fire alarm decided to go off and I was kicked out for a good 15 minutes whilst the staff and fire brigade created a suitable farce.

So, back to the matter at hand; I started out at what appeared to be a new addition to Skipton’s charity shop repertoire- Greyhound Rescue. This shop is fairly small but has some good quality bits and bobs in stock.

I spotted a necklace and clip-on earring set which I loved for £3.50. The set is gold with what can be described as peach-coloured droplets attached. These are pictured with a belt below.

Next, I visited Scope- one of Skipton’s larger charity shops. It is here that I made my favourite purchases of the day. The first item which caught my eye was these vintage Levi orange tab jeans.

They’re a perfect fit, a high 28 inch waist and just what I’ve been looking for to cut into shorts for my upcoming holiday; although it almost seems a shame to dismember them. For only £5, I don’t mind so much.

I’m not sure how old these are. Orange tabs were introduced in the sixties but they definitely aren’t as old as that! The care label doesn’t mention shrinking either which was typical of the older ‘shrink to fit’ styles. They are 891’s and the care label reads ‘891 0216’ then ‘367540 0598’ if anyone has an idea of the age please let me know!

I also bought these great vintage sunglasses for only £1.50- They came in handy too because it was a scorcher outside and I’d forgotten mine!

Another new (I think) charity shop I found was the Martin House Children’s Hospice which is on the high street.

I thought this one was great for household bits, the upstairs area is large and holds a wealth of kitchen and other household goods as well as larger pieces of furniture, mirrors, large picture frames etc. The menswear section is also upstairs.

Nothing really took my fancy, other than this navy, white and gold belt, pictured with the necklace and earring set I mentioned previously. The belt was £3 which isn't bad considering that it's leather.

Other shops I visited were Sense, Oxfam, British Heart Foundation and not one, but TWO Age UK shops!

If it’s vintage jewellery you’re after (and if you’re in the area of course) then I found Scope and Martin House Children’s Hospice to have very well stocked desk cabinets- don’t be afraid to ask them to unlock it so you can have a good look!

Martin House Children’s Hospice and Sense were good on household bits and bobs. Sense in particular had two very old cameras which I was tempted to buy but I doubt I’d have use for them! I’m sure someone into photography would find them interesting though.

Vintage clothes seem to take a fair bit of digging out in any charity shop. Increasingly I’m finding that they’re overstocked with cheap, mass-produced modern clothes from brands such as Primark and George.

Note to the volunteers- we love the old stuff, bring it out to the shop floor!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The new Urban Village

First comes a humble apology for a lack of posts recently, having a bit of a mare. My laptop is currently at a repair centre and silly old me has gone and left my camera in Birmingham- doh!

Anyway, enough of my misfortunes, here's what I've been up to.

The new Urban Village store

I went to check out the new Urban Village shop at the Custard Factory on Saturday.

I've been desperate to get a look in from the moment it was announced that it was moving into a new building- however I managed to end up in Yorkshire on the launch day!

I've seen a few pictures from the grand opening, which was on the 26th June, and I'm really rather gutted that I missed it! The event boasted live music with DJs and bands throughout the day and a scooter competition- which my Dad would've loved, here's his beloved Lambretta:

So on Saturday I took my Mum and Dad along whilst I was back in Birmingham. I wasn't disappointed. The sheer quality of Urban Village's vintage gear is really well showcased in the new shop. Everything is well laid out and the way the shop is decorated is fantastic- a real mod's paradise.

For some reason things seemed cheaper too (maybe just me), although I didn't buy anything. My Dad on the otherhand bought a great vintage Ben Sherman checked shirt for £10.

Upon seeing the new shop, it's clear that Urban Village has really come into its own and a shop to itself was all it really needed to fulfil it's potential. Urban Village has always been a great vintage shop; I've always maintained that the quality of their stock is second-to-none, but everyone should really go and check them out at the new location- it's brilliant!

I did take a few pictures, but as I said- I left my camera down there! I'll update this post with them as soon as I retrieve it!

Because it was Saturday, I also had a little mooch around the flea market and popped into Urban Village's old home. The place looked so empty!

The 'general stores' are still intact but the area which held Urban Village was looking pretty sorry. There were a few stalls in there but I deduced that these must have been those from the flea market which sometimes overspill out into the Custard Factory's courtyard. Let's hope it will soon be filled with more vintage goodness!
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