Sunday, 25 July 2010

Burgundy- best left to 1970s news anchors?

First things first, I ended up working this morning so sadly no car boot trip BUT I have managed to wangle a rare day off tomorrow so plan to journey up to Kendal, where I believe many charity shops lie. I'll report back with any finds.

So why am I alluding to a popular Will Ferrell movie? Because I have some new burgundy shorts!

It all started with a new pile of vintage deadstock jeans I was given a few days ago.

Some of these look pretty old, especially the brown coloured pair on top.

These aren't particularly nice, or particularly big for that matter (23" waist!) but could possibly hold some value- check out the label above; retro!

Sadly, the only pair that fit were a rather unattractive, wide bottomed burgandy pair. One saving grace was the fact that these were only a size 27- pretty chuffed with that!

A few chops later...

... and these are what i have:

Not sure I carry them off but might give them a go on holiday. I think the colour might render them more appealing in autumn worn with some black opaque tights.

Speaking of denim shorts, rember those Levi orange tabs I found in a charity shop recently?

Here they are after being chopped into cut-off shorts:

What do you think? I didn't want to cut these too short- I figured they can always be turned up.

Did you notice the top I was wearing in the first pictures?

It's an old vest of my Dad's that he picked up in Rhodes before I was born. I ripped off the bottom to make it cropped.

There's a few of these types of tops around on the high street at the moment; although less so as the autumn stock is coming in.

This one is currently in Topshop at £16:

This London top, also from Topshop, definitely channels the 'tourist' theme of my vest. This one is in the sale at £10 (was £18), which isn't bad- mine cost nothing though!


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