Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Just this 'n' that...

When I was blogging about my trip to Kendal, I completely forgot to mention an awesome little shop I found.

I spotted 'THIS 'N' THAT' from accross the road. I couldn't discern anything much from its name and the shop front's design left a lot to be desired (note use of half-peeling vinyl stickers), but I could see some interesting bits and bobs in the window.

This shop appeared to be the weird and wonderful love child of a charity shop and an antique shop. The prices reflect this too.

The shop was mainly filled with antique bits of furniture- at lower than expected prices. I managed to take a couple of quick pictures in the back room whilst nobody was around.

Everything is crammed inside in no particular way or well-thought out order- perfect if you like a good rummage like me!

In this room there was loads of old pictures, frames, books, records and more. This table with a set of four tapestry-covered chairs was only £50!

My favourite things in the shop were these big boxes of old teasets. You can pick these up at most charity shops but rarely such a large, complete set. You can just about make out the pricing- not bad for the amount of stuff, the one on the right is Limoges porcelain.

Speaking of tea-sets, on the way to Vintage Revival, I passed a fabulous tearoom-style cafe. They don't have a website but I found a picture on Flickr for you- it's copyrighted, so I can't steal it for your viewing pleasure but you can check it out on the link here.

The window is stacked with cool teapots and an extensive list of amazing icecream sundaes on offer. Yum.

I also took the liberty of creating this google map for you, should you ever decide to visit Kendal.

View Kendal, UK- Points of interest to vintage fans in a larger map

 All the places I've mentioned in this post and Monday's are marked, as are all the charity shops google maps would allow me to find- which again, isn't many.

I recommend taking a stroll up to Wildman Street where Vintage Revival is, it's an old street littered with antique shops and goes over the river too- lovely!

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