Saturday, 24 July 2010

Vintage cases

I'm currently on the lookout for an old suitcase or trunk to use as storage in my new bedroom.

I was reminded how much I want one of these after looking at a post from one of my favourite blogs.

Much like these little beauties...

I've also got my eye on some cases listed on ebay.

These are a nice tan colour and look really shabby- how I like things to be!

They've already crossed the £20 mark though and the listing has over a day left.

This one claims to be from the 30s or 40s. The cream colour would really go well with my new room but again, a little pricey for me!

As I believe I have an unexpected Sunday morning off work, I may venture off to a car boot sale in search of one tomorrow.

Last week I was driving to work behind an infuriatingly slow pick-up truck and after gazing at the back of the vehicle for a good 10 minutes I saw something rather beautiful.

The truck was loaded with boxes and general rubbish and it was pretty clear that it was heading for a skip somewhere.

To my horror I noticed a beautiful old tapestry suitcase sticking out of the junk heap. If I hadn't already been late for work I would have followed the guy and demanded that I own this case!

I've trawled the internet to see if I could find you a picture of a similar one but no luck- gutted!

I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow- if I don't get roped into the breakfast shift at work tomorrow!

Images found on Flickr from mollypop, and catlovers

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