Thursday, 26 August 2010

Especially fur you...

At the moment I'm obsessed with the idea of owning a vintage fur coat.

I've been looking for one of the faux variety, but that got me thinking, would I ever toy with the idea of owning the real deal?

Fur has been a touchy subject for some time. Since the launch of PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign, which has been fronted by supermodels such as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Elle McPherson and Cindy Crawford as well as many more celebrities to date, the issue of wearing real fur was brought to the fore.

PETA supporters still protest at catwalk shows featuring fur- as many high profile designers still use real fur in their collections.

The imminent Autumn/Winter season has seen the rise of all things furry. Especially this year's insanely popular flying/aviator-style jacket. Burberry Prorsum's jackets are flying off the shelves (excuse the pun).

 A selection of Burberry's aviator-style jackets (complete with REAL shearling collars and lining)

Among the increasing list of designers opting for real fur in their designs this season, Chanel showed that faux can be fabulous with their snow storm-themed runway.


 Furry offerings from Chanel

The use of real fur appears to be becoming more acceptable. I personally disagree with killing animals solely for their pelts; though I do wonder where vintage fur fits into the debate.

On some level I think that it's fine to wear vintage fur- no more animals are suffering; however it does convey the notion that wearing fur is still fine and perhaps supports the current farming of it. I also don't fancy the thought of being doused in red paint by an angry animal rights campaigner- so might stick to the faux coats.

I have a significant lack of money at the moment but will probably be investing when the good old student loan goes in.

I got a tad excited earlier because I received a message from Urban Village, Birmingham about their approaching summer sale. I wasn't excited about the summer sale; more the mention of new Autumn/Winter stock which included fur coats.

I tried on a gorgeous grey one in the shop a few weeks ago and nearly bought it. The kind I'm looking for (faux fur, medium length) were around the £30 mark in Urban Village, which isn't bad at all. 

 Some furs in Urban Village

I originally wanted a black or leopard print one but I've changed my mind. With my black hair, I think a black fur would be a little too gothic (not that goths are particularly partial to fur or anything) and I'm not sure I could carry off a full leopard print coat- I might look a little too Bet Lynch. So grey is just perfect (I'm not really into any sort of brown clothing either before you ask).

The high street have some pretty good faux furs,with Topshop leading the way naturally. At the prices though, I'd rather get something more authetically vintage. This minky-coloured Topshop one is £95!

I'm watching this faux fur grey coat on ebay, it currently has no bids and starts at £4- result! (I won't give you the link because I don't want a bigger bidding war on my hands than I'm prepared for!)

I'd of course much rather be able to feel the quality of the coat and try it on (it's a UK16 so may be pretty big considering I'm a firm 10) but if I can get it cheap enough who cares ey?

I'm also going back to Yorkshire tomorrow so may pop into the local charity shop at some point and ask if they have any that I can take off their hands.

Oh, and another thing...

Speaking of ebay, I'm selling the floral Salad by COW dress I featured in this post. Here's the link to the listing if anyone wants to take a look. Please comment if you have any questions about the dress :)


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