Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mirror mirror...

I've just acquired a really beautiful object.

Check out my new mirror!

Excusing of course the reflection of a half-asleep, barely dressed me, who didn't realise that anything in front of the mirror would be immortalised forever in this photograph.

Last week the base of the mirror appeared in the storage garage at the pub where I work. Even with just the mirror's stand, I could tell it was something special.

A few days later, the actual mirror had been placed on the stand. I had to have it!

Being the inquisitive individual I am, I wasted no time in asking where this amazing piece of furniture had come from, why it was in the garage and where it was heading.

It turns out that one of the live-in staff had taken it out of her room as she'd put in some of her own furniture and there was no longer any room for it.

So... can I have it?

My bosses, being the lovely individuals they are, could see no further use for the mirror and said I could have it.

Needless to say, I sent my Dad straight round in his van to pick it up before they changed their minds!

It's so perfect for my new shabby chic-esque room which I've decked out in cream and florals- it's exactly what I wanted.

It definitely needs a good clean-up (any tips on what I can clean the painted wood with?) but should be as good as new (well, as new as an old mirror can look) in no time. I'll post a picture once I've re-located it to Birmingham.

I love the fact that it has a table stand with a drawer; perfect for housing my hairdryer and GHD's- oh how the modern girl lives!

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