Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Oh Velvet!

The title is for my Birmingham readers by the way- it alludes to a bar on Broad Street of the same name. My last memory of being in there was of me dressed as an alien for a themed bar crawl, staggering around half blind after drunkenly attempting to stick my big blue glittery falsies back down and inadvertently glueing an eye together. Ohhh velvet...

Anyway, enough of my misfortunes. I want to talk about velvet- the fabric that is. I'm dying to wear some this season, teamed with something black and lacey.

On the train back to Yorkshireland, I was reading Marie Claire's September issue (swiped from our neighbours on holiday by two of my, very naughty, friends) and looked like a bit of a lune to be perfectly honest as a had a bit of a chuckle to myself.

I was reading Anna Pursglove's account of this year's Autumn/Winter, entitled 'The Season Your Boyfriend Just Won't Get'. I laughed because it's so true, especially in my case (my man hasn't yet got his head around the concept of leggings- "so, you can wear them as trousers sort of? Aren't they like tights?")

This season, it's all about massive chunky knits, tweed and an overload of fur- a far cry from last year's thigh high boots and body con.

 Knitwear at D&G (trimmed with yet more fur)

Country chic at Rag & Bone

 Fur at Chanel

What a difference a year makes: Prada A/W 09

In the words of Ms.Pursglove, we seem to be in "the season that sex forgot". But all is not lost.

I'll be going all vamp at night. Lace, leather and velvet have made a few appearances- the indulgent fabrics are usually in there somewhere at this time of the year.

Ralph Lauren had some great velvet bits in my new favourite colour, like, ever. This vampy red colour:

Lace was big at Christopher Kane. I really like the little collars his stuff had going on too.

Givenchy's lace pieces were sexy too- no doubt about that.

So there you have it. Some hope for looking hot this winter! My inspiration? 

Morticia Adams- arguably the best vamp of all time

I can't find much velvet on the high street yet, Topshop haven't delivered the goods. Have you seen any great pieces? 

I think velvet might be a surprise thrift winner though. Velvet's had its moments in past years; I once had a bright orange velvet shirt in the 90s, no word of a lie. Old velvet clothing is usually pretty unwanted- most people think it's dated. I'll let you know if you find anything.

As for the lace, Topshop has redeemed itself as these are now on my shopping list:

Lace bandeau body, £20
Mesh and lace skirt, £20

I'm not sure how on earth I'd wear the skirt though, I'm not really partial to flashing my rear in public. Maybe some sequin hotpants?

Happy shopping x

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