Sunday, 8 August 2010

Something for the boys...

Today's post is something that the males can enjoy- hopefully!

Now, don't be scared fellas, but I'm going to talk about the MANBAG- oh yes.

I'm not talking about some kind of unisex, glorified handbag-esque thing (we've all seen that episode of Friends yeah?). Nah, this variety of bag is one which any diserning male can proudly carry around- the sports holdall.

My lovely boyfriend has recently been the object of my amusement for his reluctancy to get himself a decent bag.

He already owns a messenger/record-style bag which is only really suitable for trips to uni or similar. At the other side of the scale he has a medium-sized suitcase. This means that if he comes to visit me for two or three days, he's lugging a mainly empty suitcase around- not so practical.

Like many men, I'd imagine, he wasn't too keen on the idea of getting a 'bag'. After suggesting a sports holdall, he agreed that this may be an acceptable form of, er, transporting equipment.

(why slapping the word 'sports' on something  makes it okay I'm not quite sure)

This is what he ended up with:

This vintage Puma bag was £12 from Urban Village, Birmingham- which I think is very reasonable.

For around the £15 mark , I reckon you're better off buying the real vintage deal; although the current trend among most of the iconic sports brands is retro reproductions.

Here's my pick of the bunch:

For me, Adidas' Originals range has always led the way in retro-inspired sportswear- takes me back to my classic canary yellow/sky blue silky polyester Adidas tracksuit I cherished in the 90s...

Anyway, this adicolor 'Teambag' is a great bit of retro arm candy. At £55, it's a bit steep but definitely my favourite of the lot. The garish 80s-inspired green colour (or in Adidas' words, 'Fairway') is my favourite but it's also available in Black and Gold for a more subtle look.

I've always been a big fan of Fred Perry and the brand's heritage. They do some great retro pieces and this contrast barrel bag is one of several in the range. At £40 it's not too expensive and best of all it's classic, a real investment of a bag. This particular style also comes in an array of colours including blue and orange.

Now let's talk about Fila. In my opinion, they've never really jumped out as being the coolest of brands. Recently though, I've been seeing the brand paraded in various shop windows, looking better than ever before.

It seems that this is down to their launch of the 'Settanta' range earlier this year. The range comprises "the most legendary pieces from the 70's and 80's Fila archive".

While there are no bags in the collection, pieces of interest include this track top:


This is Fila at its best. At £65 it's a pretty pricey bit of clothing, but the original versions of this track top have been known to go for up to £600 on ebay! Doesn't seem so expensive now, ey?

Sadly there are no bags in the range; though the regular Fila range seems to have had a bit of a makeover too and as a result isn't looking too shabby either. Here's one of their holdalls:

Some other brands which do good vintage repro bags include Dunlop and, of course, Puma who have their own Originals range alongside other collections including an Alexander McQueen collection- definitely worth checking out!

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