Thursday, 30 September 2010

Another Birmingham vintage fair...

First comes an apology for being a shocking blogger (I'm also covering myself for the next couple of weeks here too!), but with the start of uni, a new job and shocking internet at my new accomm (are you reading Rooms4every1?) I've had a lot on my plate, which is quite ironic since I've pretty much been on the breadline.

Now I have my glorious student loan, I can get stuck into my shopping habit; however with the return of the student crowd, my internet has become non- existent in my new flat, something to do with about 20 people logging on to the same shitty internet.

All is not lost though; today I've been hooked up with Virgin Media's finest broadband (okay, the cheapest), which should be installed on the 16th October (bloody student peak season!).

So at this fine moment I'm sat on one of my uni's library computers, writing out this post. Nice to see that we've got some brand new iMacs- all of which are out of order. Quel surprise BCU...

Anyway, on Saturday I felt obliged to pop down to Birmingham's vintage fair- even in my brassic, pre-loan state.

Having worked the night before, teamed with an extremely hungover tag-a-long, I didn't manage to make it to the Custard Factory until 4pm- and yes, it finished at 5.

I'm unsure whether what I was met with was merely a result of my lateness, or whether the fair was generally not as good as it has been in the past.

The Old Library where the fair is held was distinctly emptier this time around; I was astounded by the amount of floor space- enough room to swing several cats.

Looking pretty empty


The prices seemed to have been jacked up even higher too. It was clear that vintage items fitting in with current trends were being flogged for all they were worth, and some.

These scarves weren't too pricey though

I saw an old aviator jacket for £75! It was huge, very similar to one of my Dad's I found at home, and I doubt many girls could've carried it off.

I had been lucky enough to find a tenner on a table the night before and took it as a sign from some greater force that I should go to the fair and buy something fabulous.

I struggled to find anything other than jewellery for under £10- oh so disappointing. I resigned myself to making do with a delicious cupcake, but found that these had all gone too!

(note to organisers: these sell out everytime, sort it out please!)

At least the £1 entry fee hadn't changed...


I also spotted the new COW whilst in Birmingham's city centre. It's one door away from Urban Outfitters (very crafty placement COW).

I haven't been in yet but it looked pretty impressive. It looked fairly big for a second shop and was definitely prettier and better decorated.


May have a nosey on Thursday.


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