Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The sun has got his hat on, hooray hooray hoor- NO!

So those of you in England may have noticed that the weather was rather pleasant today (something I observed on my trip from North Yorkshire to Birmingham- I don't know about anywhere else). Was I pleased about this? No I bloody wasn't!

Upon arriving back in England, after my holiday, I was greeted with torrential rain and a bitter coldness which my holiday/home transition outfit didn't appreciate one little bit. So much for August being the height of summer ey?

So now we reach September, the weather should have deteriorated even more right? Wrong! And I'd just resigned myself to embracing the new A/W clothes and banishing my holiday clothes to the back of my wardrobe. I was also dying to wear my new (well, old really) car booted faux fur coat.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be, so I ended up sat on my suitcase for ten minutes trying to stuff the damn thing inside it.

So once I was stripped of my precious coat, I realised something; I've never featured this top before- it's literally my favouritest ever! I think.

It's from Urban Village, Birmingham. I got it in the sale they had before their move to the new shop. I couldn't believe that it was only £2!

The fit is great, it's like an oversized t-shirt but in fabulous soft material. I have no idea where it's from originally though as there's no label.

The sleeves are quite big and floaty, which adds a bit of interest and makes it that bit more special than a conventional t-shirt. It's got a little keyhole detail at the neck on the back and there's also some ruche detail on the shoulders.

Worn with my vintage levi shorts (cut from jeans)- charity shop

The thing I like about it most is probably the print. It's so pretty, and almost looks like a watercolour painting.

And even minus the coat, I was still roasting in my black opaques! That's what you get for falling out with summer and not taking any suitable clothes up North!

There was no way I was going bare-legged either; not due to hot pants + cellulite issues (I'm still in holiday mode so none of that matters- who needs clear tights!), no, it was my reptilian-like pins that are shedding skin at an alarming rate I was worried about- where's that aftersun!?



  1. hiya thanks for leaving a comment over on me blog.. think i'll check out the website about my popcorn tubs and get them to buy mine off me!!.
    love love your fur coat.. it looks ace on!!.. i wore my opaques yesterday with a tea dress and nearly died of over heating!!!..

  2. haha no keep them they're great! Aww thanks bout the coat, looks like it's going back in the cupboard until the weather's decided what it wants to do though! x


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