Saturday, 16 October 2010

Belated Tunbridge Wells times

I’ve been the worst blogger in history recently- but I blame the whole damn thing on my useless new landlords whose internet didn’t work.  But today is a glorious day, as we’ve just had Virgin Media installed! So expect a lot more soon- and I have a lot to tell you about!

I realise it's been a looooong time since I was in Tunbridge Wells, Kent (40 days now I believe. Almost like giving up the blog post for lent) but with the start of my third year of uni, a new job and shocking internet at my new accomm (are you reading Rooms4every1?) I've had a lot on my plate, which is quite ironic since I've pretty much been on the breadline (don't worry, your author has a job now!)

Anyway, I found the town of Tunbridge Wells pretty interesting so thought I’d tell you about it. The area is relatively affluent and has quite a lot of charity shops- so it was right up my street.

Though, as I mentioned in my London post, I had zero funds for shopping and was effectively working the 9-5 (well, 10, but the sentiment is the same) at my work experience so didn't have a lot of time on my hands.

Anyway, here's a map of where the charity shops that reside in Tunbridge Wells town centre.

View Tunbridge Wells Charity Shops in a larger map

I only really had my hour-long lunch break to check out the shops and I had to allow a good 20 minutes for the walk to and from my office to the town centre- so it was a flying visit.

My impression of the charity shops was pretty good. With the area being generally quite well off, the stuff in the charity shops was of good quality- not much tat around.

I only actually bought anything from one shop, I think it was Mind (on the map)- if it wasn't, forgive me- it was a while ago!

I bought this great Cath Kidston book called Tips for Vintage Style for £1.50. The back states an RRP of £7.99 so quite the bargain.

The book is really nice to look at, with pictures of (what I think is) Cath Kidston's own house and furnishings. It's great for home inspiration.

This charity shop also had a massive basket of old sewing patterns for a quid a pop, and with this recent aquirement of a sewing machine, I quickly picked one which I might have a go with at some point.

I chose this one for a few reasons. Firsty, it's definitely an old looking pattern. I quite like the style of garment too; it looks like something you could adapt easily. Most importantly though, the words 'Very Easy' jumped straight out at me.

I'm not a sewer- in any sense. I can hand mend things and sew buttons back on but that's about all. I have used a sewing machine in the past but not to do anything major. I also managed to sew a straight line on a scrap bit of material when I acquired this one- a proud moment.

The whole reason I wanted a sewing machine though was to have a go at making and altering my own clothes (more likely to be the latter of those). I bought a sewing pattern as a little challenge so if I end up making it I'll let you know how I get on!

Sorry again for lack of posting in recent times, but expect more regular updates from now on!



  1. I'm a huge fail when it comes to following vintage patterns
    I'm fine with alterations, but anything from scratch is pretty much a no-go!
    Interested to see how you get on and any tips

  2. Haha I'm sure I won't fare any better either. May attempt it after my Halloween costume if that goes without any hitches! x

  3. ooo i want to go Tunbridge Wells now! Did you visit every charity shop on the map? I might drag my bf there for a daytrip haha. xx

  4. Unfortunately not; as I was on work exp. I didn't have the time! I didn't visit the ones a little further out (i.e. the homeless and cat ones!) I also never got chance to visit the British Heart foundation shop which is opposite the train station. It seemed to shut at 5pm so I was always too late- go there first :)



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