Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A new coat fur me...

Firstly, I vow to get my arse in gear and blog more regularly...
Secondly, look at this gorgeous new (well, old- you know me) faux fur coat I bought!
Sorry about the pictures by the way, I've lost my camera again! These were taken on my amazing new phone (though admittedly the photos aren't great!) And my general appearance probably warrants some sort of apology too...
Anyway, the most amazing thing about this coat, I think, is where I got it from.

Now, the words ‘Perry Barr’ may mean nothing to you, but to those familiar with this north Birmingham area, I’d image you’re saying, ‘seriously’?

Yes deadly. Perry Barr is the unfortunate area where my university is located. Let me tell you, it’s in no way Birmingham’s style hotspot.

Perry Barr, from what I’ve seen of it, has one charity shop- Age Concern (another which hasn’t yet made the switch to ‘Age UK’). This branch of Age Concern is right next door to the train station, so I pass it often enough.

Doesn't look pretty, does it?
I can’t really justify why I don’t go into this charity shop; though I did once pop in to buy a cheap picture frame for a uni project.

Maybe it’s the location within Perry Barr- so many students pass it on their way to and from uni; however I’m not embarrassed about my bargain hunting or anyone spotting me (I do blog about it for God’s sake!) so this isn’t really a good enough excuse.

Perhaps it’s the mindset that won’t allow me to believe that any residents of Perry Barr (besides the students of course, who I doubt give their clothes away often) have a single scrap of style consciousness.

(N.B. I’m sure there are some stylish Perry Barrbadions out there, they’re obviously just an elusive bunch)

So what made me go into this branch that particular day?

Well, I was on my way to uni via the inconceivably unreliable London Midland train service, a record 40 minutes late for my lecture (I still slipped in unnoticed), when I passed the Age Concern window.

I spotted said coat, proudly displayed at the front- and it wouldn’t leave my poor brain alone all day. It was like the coat was sending me telepathic messages of “buy me!” throughout my day.

With less than 5 minutes to spare on the way home, I decided to call in for a closer look. The coat had been removed from the window but I soon found it hiding around the corner.

I flung it on, had a quick glance in the mirror and made the split decision to buy at £10- and I’m so glad I did!

Like most things I haven’t had the chance to think about properly, I wasn’t so sure about it when I first got it home. I thought it looked too big on me and noticed a stain on the collar I hadn’t seen in the shop. Upon first outing however I loved it. It’s so warm and I got lots of compliments.
A yellow stain and a black one on the collar (noticed the black one after buying)
The fur is really soft, much better quality than my black C&A faux fur. It’s from Debenhams, and going off the label, looks like it could be a few years old- anyone like to hazard a guess?

 The label underneath says ‘tissavel of France’, which I’ve seen on a few other vintage faux furs. The lining is an orangey colour in a silky fabric. There were also a couple of the coat's original buttons, which had been taken off, in one of the pockets. I've placed them on top of the coat so you can see what they're supposed to look like. Personally I think I prefer the coat buttonless.

Anyone who knows me is familiar with the fact that I haven't really been a massive fan of brown in the past; however I've quite warmed to the colour.

I'll be wearing my new coat with this gorgeous satchel bag that my lovely friend Lucy bought me for my birthday (it's from Topshop) and these New Look brogues, only £27 with my student discount- bargain!

I didn’t really have time to look in this branch of Age Concern properly, but I also spotted a sheepskin flying jacket and a full length leopard print fur coat.

It may be worth a trip back; sorry for the preconceptions Perry Barr!

Foxy x


  1. Hi there-oh yes, you'll be a charity shop addict before long, lol!! Fabulous bargain indeed, so stylish and I'm sure so snug, you must go back and see the flying jacket and leopardprint coat, they would also be perfect for winter!! xx

  2. So addictive isn't it? I struggle to cough up full price for clothes now! I am actually on the lookout for a leopard print fur, this particular one was a bit full on though! I'm sure someone's brave enough to wear it.


  3. gosh! what a beautiful coat. xxx

  4. Oh I now have serious fur coat envy - it's gorgeous! I love the colour and it looks like it will go with loads of outfits. Well spotted!

  5. Thanks guys :) craving another in grey now! x

  6. That coat is just wonderful! I am so glad it is faux. I just want to wear faux fur coats all the time but it's almost summer here so I can only dream.

    Also I love that satchel and the brogues. Nice finds!

  7. :) I have the same envy of you in summer dresses I'm sure! x


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