Friday, 26 November 2010

Beautiful readers! Please help!

This post is a bit of a cheeky appeal for you guys to help with my very exciting third year uni project- you wouldn't want me to fail would you?!

I am basically planning to produce a national contemporary ‘craft’ magazine focussed mainly around fashion. The magazine will uphold the values of money saving, recycling, creativity and individuality. I will call the publication, 'Trashion'.

What I'd like you, my marvelous readers, to do is to help by completing a very short survey as part of my research.

The survey is for females aged 18-30, but don't be too disheartened if this does not include you. This is just my target audience for the magazine and does not in anyway mean that I would not value your opinion.

To reiterate this point, I read many blogs by writers outside of this age range and regard them as just as fashionable, interesting and inspirational as the next.

I'd love for everyone to enjoy my final product, which may be, but I must have a target audience in mind when creating my project and unfortuately, that targeted group cannot be too broad.

If you are a female aged 18-30 and interested in fashion in any way (that may be high/designer, high street, vintage, secondhand, thrift etc.) or crafting (sewing, knitting, customising, making things...) or both! Then please consider helping out a poor student and complete this quick survey.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.
I've attempted to embed it above, but it may be a bit annoying as you have to scroll across to view its entire width. If in doubt, here's a link.

I'd love your feedback on the magazine- the concept, the name- anything!

If you'd like to know more about it then feel free to contact me on the magazine's official email address:

Thanks in advance my loves.



  1. aw honey, it won't scroll down...

  2. oh no! I've made it smaller so that it doesn't interfere with the side bar, works on my browser now so hopefully up and running! Thanks for having a go love

  3. Done hon !
    good luck with it ;)

  4. Thanks guys, massive help :)


  5. I just filled it out! Excited to see what you come up with as I'd love to buy a magazine like this!

    And in response to your question - it is indeed Birmingham market! I'm based here now for uni, and I'm finding your blog extremely useful in scouting out new vintage locations!! Its a great read :D

  6. Thanks Sadie, hope it turns out good!

    ahh right! What course I are you doing? I had no idea you were in Birmingham! Cheers for the nice feedback hun



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