Monday, 22 November 2010

I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached to my neck...

As I've been talking about for a while, I was going to party over the weekend- or so I thought.

Yes, the bash I was so looking forward to wasn't on; why? Horrific weather? A tragic accident? Nope, I'd got the bloody date wrong.

Turns out it's happening this coming Saturday; not sure how I missed that after reading the invitation at least five times.

Luckily, it seems an angel from work has agreed to save my life and cover my shift this week, so my little mistake should be rectified.

Seeing as I had advance train tickets that couldn't be refunded I thought I may as well have a nice little weekend in Yorkshire.

There wasn't much going on (just for a change), but a quick look at the local rag revealed that there was some music fair on at the nearby town we'd planned on visiting.

So off me and the boyf popped to Skipton.

We wandered into the town hall aimlessly, strolling past the admissions desk without paying (sorry, genuinely didn't see it). I enjoyed the fact that there was a 'student' price for admission, even though there's probably no more than ten in the area.

There was a lot of vinyl at great prices. There were boxfulls of records for just 50p!

I picked up these two Blondie 7" singles for just £1 each.

Backs of the singles. This one has 'Die Young Stay Pretty' as the B side- one of my faves!

Shamefully, I don't have a record player (not in use anyway) but I bought them mainly for the sleeves- and of course the fact that I love Blondie!

I thought they might be nice to frame; though I wasn't very impressed that the Atomic single had been written on!

I of course found the time to have a quick nosey in a charity shop, just after my cinnamon latte at the new Costa ( a bit of a sore point with some locals!).

I was lucky enough to pick up this amazing gold picture frame from the St. Martin's Children's hospice shop for a mere £2!

It came with this embroidered, rather grand looking French chap, who I initally thought was old Willy Shakespeare before my fella quickly dismissed my suggestion- shows what I know!

I don't know how I'm going to get him out though, as the frame is held together with nails! Which I didn't notice in the shop.

Wholly bargainous though, as peeling back the price sticker revealed that the frame was initially on sale there for £10. The frame is really great quality too- the label on the back shows that it originally came from a bygone local picture framing shop.

I plan on framing my new (but old) French fashion magazine. Though the frame's a little big for it.

I might do what I did with this other charity-shopped frame which was too big for its intended photo.

I think it really adds character to this otherwise dull picture of me and the fella in formal attire! I used some gorgeous textured wrapping paper from Paperchase, which was expensive at £2 a sheet, but I had some left over.

Chris, who hates charity shopping with me, was chuffed to pick up a working 1998 Nintendo Gameboy Colour with a game for £5 in the St. Martin's Childrens' Hospice shop too; it certainly kept him quiet on the train for a bit!



  1. Dude, you went to Skipton!! Amazing! (I'm a proud Northener) Next time you are in the North Yorkshire area, check out Harrogate, they have a Betty's tea rooms, and the best charity shops :)

  2. I'm in awe of your bargainous finds, especially the blondie singles. She is/was so fricking awesome.
    ...and i thought i was the only one who got dates and things mixed up. Don't worry you're not alone ;)

  3. Yeah! I'm from around Settle if you know it?

    I don't usually venture out as far as Harrogate but I've heard good things. I can imagine you're right as it's quite a well-to-do area, correct? Also was told that there's an opticians there that sells Ray Bans at rock bottom prices! I must go...

    Cheers :) haha I seriously have no brain. Note to self: diary might be useful next year!


  4. Hi my dear!! Love the Blondie records you found, I've always adored her and was lucky to get her greatest hits on CD for only £1 at the boot sale in summer, nothing beats her blaring out, lol!! Love the frames, the one of you and your fella looks fab and well done on the Gameboy find too! xx

  5. That's awesome, I think they're pretty much my favourite band- Debbie Harry is a legend!

    Thanks, really have no idea how I'm going to get the new one open though.

    Haha I can't take credit for the Gameboy, he spotted that all by himself! I'll pass the message on ;)


  6. Gameboy's and McCoy's, pretty perfect combination in my mind. Although I got a major headache from squinting at the screen on the train...


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