Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

And affordable it was!

(I would've liked to post this sooner by the way, though unfortunately I've been a bit ill. Feel free to send cards and grapes.)

On Saturday I ventured over to Aston University's union for some vintage shopping. As a BCU student, I felt a bit like I was on enemy soil- hence me not asking anyone where the union actually was and subsequently getting a little lost (even though I've been there before!).

There was also a little simmering resentment at how pretty the Aston campus is. It's build around a gorgeous lake (well, not a lake, somewhere between that and a pond) complete with little duckies. Aww.

This was the first vintage fair I've been to under the 'Judy' brand. I find this rather confusing as the web domain is 'vintage fair' which I thought was the 'other' big one, usually held in the Custard Factory when comes round to Birmingham.

Anyway, same brand or not, I instantly sensed that this fair was a little different.

The first thing that struck me was how big it was! It was easily as big as the one held at the Custard Factory and not nearly as busy. There's nothing like being shoved and squashed by other stressed, sweaty shoppers to wind me up.

The thing I liked about this fair was the variety of stuff on sale. One thing I loved were the stands holding baskets of old watches, hairpins, toys, charms, keyrings, earrings... I could go on. These were cluttered together by signs reading, 'everything 50p' or £1 in some cases.

If I'd been wearing boots, I would've filled them; despite the undoubtedly painful, barefooted walk home...

I refrained from collecting bags of stuff and managed to walk away with this simple hair comb for 50p

There was a great haberdashery stall too, selling vintage buttons, thread, wool, plus lace and velvet trim.

There were also a couple of stalls selling old postcards, maps and photos very cheaply. I'd have loved a few old black and white photos of some beautiful 50s ladies to frame, but couldn't escape the fact that most of the photos were really personal.

I was really chuffed to pick up this 1938 French fashion paper magazine.

My basic grasp of French tells me that the title reads, 'the small paper of fashion'- I think.

It really is gorgeous; I plan on framing it and hanging it in my room. I'd loved to frame some of the inside pages as there are some beautiful coloured illustrations- though I don't think I have the heart to dismantle it.

'For the thin women'- rules me out then!
I picked up some presents for my friend's birthday too, which I best not post incase she sees!

If you see a vintage fair bearing the 'Judy's Affordable' brand, I'd highly recommend going- I was really impressed.

I'd say the fair was definitely more 'affordable' than others I've been to; there's some great bargains to be had.

That there Judy, whether fictional or real, sure knows what she's doing- well done!




  1. Blimey, that looks like fun. Why didn't I go there on saturday? Love an old magazine, the illustrations are fabulous. xxx

  2. I really need to get myself down to one of these vintage fairs now that bootsales are gone till next year!! How am i going to get my fix now! haha. xx

  3. It was fab, best I've been to by far.

    Definitely. Having a indoor browse followed by tea and cupcakes beats trawling around a cold damp field at 8am too!


  4. i'd love to go to a vintage fair like this! i always see them advertised, but i don't want to go in case they are too expensive for. you picked up some lovely cheap pieces so i will definitely have to go to one soon! i adore the vintage magazine, so pretty! goodness, all of those old postcards and photographs look great, i would definitely have been rummaging through them for ages! xxx

  5. This one was great, deffo cheaper than others I've been too; you'll be spolit for choice in London I'm sure?


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