Monday, 8 November 2010

Name, number, a dress?

On Saturday, I popped out to Kings Heath for a spot of charity shopping- oh how I’ve missed it.

One thing I was on the lookout for in particular yesterday, was a dress to wear to my friend’s 21st; the theme being ‘posh vintage’, right up my street methinks.

Now, I wasn’t really going charity shopping to get myself a dress, as this seemed like a pretty unlikely thing to find, but I thought it was worth keeping my eyes peeled.

Funnily enough I did see a handful of dresses. There were a couple I considered, but no changing room!  I wouldn’t like to say which charity shop this was in- as I’ve forgotten. Sort it out please (you know who you are, even if I don’t).

I did pick up this cute picture frame for £3 from the St. Mary’s Hospice shop.

 I also got this, er, box from PDSA for £2.

I'm not entirely sure what it's supposed to be used for. I plan on storing jewellery in it, it just seems quite small for a jewellery box. hmmm...

Finally, I picked up these great white and gold leather shoes for £3.99.

Sorry for my odd looking ankles- sock marks still intact!
They're not really suitable for the weather we're having at the moment but they were so cute I couldn't resist. Love the little wedge heel and the leather's so soft!

Hare and Hounds

And what a pleasant surprise to find that the Hare and Hounds vintage fair was on!  I thought these ran every second Saturday- obviously not! I never thought to check, but I'm glad I caught it.

I didn't buy anything, but it was nice to browse around. It's a lot bigger than I expected.

Selection of jewellery from Rock Follies Vintage

There were a few fancy dresses at the fair, though none really caught my eye.

Whilst by the Hare and Hounds, I popped into Top Banana Vintage to further my dress quest. I tried on a dress but it was a little too big. The trying on itself wasn't very pleasant; the shop's changing room doesn't leave much to the imagination!

And so with no luck in finding a dress in Kings Heath, I headed back into town to COW (the Digbeth shop, not the overpriced one by Urban Outfitters, or 'COW2' as it's supposedly called).

I must've tried on about 10 dresses, but still nothing that took my fancy- the prices were pretty reasonable though.

To cheer myself up, I bought this massive, silly mohair jumper.

The tag said £26, slashed to £20, slashed again to £14- so I considered a steal; though I'm sure that's just some ploy on COW's part to make idiots like me think I've got a bargain!

I've got a rather exciting post coming soon about a new Birmingham vintage boutique so stay tuned people!



You may have noticed my new header, but as lovely as it is I can't get it to stay in the middle! Nor can I get rid of the white space despite the image being plenty big enough. I can't edit html for shit. If anyone has any advice for me, feel free to dish it out!

And in the interests of not ripping anyone off, I designed my header building on images by Duchamp and mikebaird from Flickr. 


  1. I love Top Banana, I get Jon's Converse from there every year. My mate and I always have a mega try on when we're in there, can't say I've noticed a problem with the changing room, maybe that's why I got a discount. xxx

  2. That's so funny, I know two people who've both told me they've had cheap Converse from there!

    Haha all too possible; would explain its location by the cash desk!



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