Thursday, 18 November 2010

A completed quest

Those who've been following will have gathered that I was on the hunt for a vintage dress for an upcoming party.

The search is over!

Amidst the panic that broke out on day 'week before party' I committed to buying something- this dark pink, fluffy shouldered thing from COW2, Birmingham.

Again, it's not as authentic as I would've liked, but the rush of getting something (anything!) got to me somewhat. It's actually one of COW's reworked pieces under the Salad brand.

I'm not crazy about it, but I like the colour, it was only £15 and it has wear-again-ability.

It was marked as £16, however I managed to get £1 knocked off (to the disgust of the shop assistant). I thought it was fair enough to ask as one of the belt loops is broken, as is the loophole for the button on the back at the neck. Fine for original vintage, but for a piece that's been altered, I'd expect things like that to be sorted.

The dress is a bit sheer, flesh coloured bra on the night methinks!

I picked up the fascinator in the first picture from ebay for 99p. Not sure whether I'll wear it or not though.

If you look closely, you'll see I'm also wearing a pair of black back seamed tights, which I thought would be a nice touch. I got these from TK Maxx and couldn't resist picking up a few more pairs.

The dogstooth ones are Jonathon Aston and were only £2.99- anyone who knows me should be all too aware that I'm drawn to anything with a dogstooth pattern.

The other pair are nude with a really cool black snake back seam; they were £3.99.

I've never heard of this hoisery brand before but they have some awesome tights! (I love these). Dots, bows, leaves, flowers and all kinds of gorgeous patterns. I almost took them all home with me.

And today I've been very, very bad because I splashed out a little. I came home with these beauties.

I lusted after these patent Dr Martens boots all last autumn/winter. I literally saw a girl walk past in a pair today and had one of those 'fuck it' moments; so off I trotted to Schuh to buy.

With 10% discount they were a completely justifiable £67ish.

And a swift internet check finds that they are, in fact, even more bargainous than I first thought.

In Schuh, I couldn't understand why a shorter style was £10 more than my 'Diva Darcie' boots. I also thought that the boots were around the £90 mark when I tried them on last year. Hmmm...

Looking on the Dr Martens online store, the boots are listed as £90, as are they at ASOS. Schuh's website however confirms that they are indeed £74.99.

Good job Schuh was my first point of call!




  1. Jealous of those Docs. I was lusting after the cherry red pair at last year's Clothes Show. Great price.
    Your dress looks brilliant and you must wear the fascinator. xxx

  2. I love the ones in the classic matte red colour too.

    Thanks :)I agree, adds a touch more glamour


  3. I totally loved Jonathan Aston tights when I was younger! I used to wear black and purple stripey ones with my docs - amazing!
    Loving the blog and hoping to pick up some thrifty wisdom from ya! x

  4. Sounds like something I'd readily wear now! I had some dark red patent docs when I was about 7- wish I'd been more aware of how cool they were!

    Thanks :)


  5. Love the dress! The colour looks smashing on you and it was a steal for that price. Also love the docs.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Thanks :)

    I'll try get some pics up of people in their outfits!



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