Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Clothes Show Live: what I bought

So as I mentioned in the previous post, I was delighted to spot the fantastic Blue Rinse at the Clothes Show.

The thing that caught my eye first was a rack of re-worked vintage playsuits in amazing patterns and colours. I'd like to say that I was really drawn to this one:

But to tell the truth I could've bought about 10! Most of the ones I liked were navy blue so I picked this one as it was one of the few black ones, and black goes with most things I own.

I absolutely love the print and it fits great, despite none of them being sized; swiftly trying it on in the toliets over my shirt and leggings was all I had to go off!

The waist is elasticated, as is the top- finally, a playsuit which isn't too much hassle to get on and off during toilet trips on a drunken night out!

It was a little pricey for me at £25, but what can I say, I fell in love!

I'll try and post a picture of me wearing it at some point.

The 'Manhattan Vintage Jewellery' stall was one of my favourites too (I did have a picture, but my laptop blowing up on me again means I can't really access it!)

For me, it really stood out from the other jewellery stalls, which were mostly vintage-style jewellery. These stalls were fairly samey and I'm always reluctant to fork out £12 for a plain necklace with a charm on the end- I know how easy these are to make (indulged in a little jewellery making myself for awhile)

This 'K' necklace caught my eye immediately- I'm a bit obsessed with name necklaces! I also picked up something for a present too.

And... that was pretty much all I bought because I'm fairly brassic en ce moment! (okay, and Company magazine and some Tigi hair products)

I also forgot to mention something else of interest- the Clothes Show's new 'Sknitch' zone! I may do another post on this. I had some pictures but as I mentioned, they're on my laptop which has decided to fail on me one too many times!

Foxy x

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  1. Hi my dear-gorgeous picks, just love the necklace and playsuit!! Wishing you a very happy and festive Christmas too! xx


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