Friday, 24 December 2010

I got myself a decent camera!

I finally bit the bullet recently and got myself a digital SLR camera!

It's a Sony Alpha A390 with a 'super-zoom' lens. It cost me a pretty penny but I'm pleased with it to say the least.

Shooting at a very grubby mirror wasn't all that effective
I didn't just get the camera for my blogging however; I've found that in my journalistic endeavours, lots of publications prefer you to take your own pictures, and these of course need to be of print quality- which my little Nikon (which I've lost anyway!) just wasn't fulfilling.

I also got this gorgeous vintage camera case from ebay.

Funnily enough, I actually bought this before I got the actual camera! I was having a browse at camera prices on ebay and typed in 'SLR camera' and this beauty popped up first in the listings with less than 5 minutes left.

I tend to get a bit impulsive on ebay and bought it regardless of not yet owning a camera for it to house! It was only around £5 and I'm so pleased I got it.

I haven't had that much opportunity to mess around with it yet, but here are a few pictures I took in the snow now I'm back in Yorkshire.

The view of Pen-y-ghent (one of the 3 peaks) from my house
My super-cute dog, who hates going out in the cold!
These are unedited as I haven't had the chance (or the effort) to install photoshop yet.

If you'd like to see the others I took, feel free to check out my Flickr photostream here.

Expect higher quality images on my blog from now on! (I've had a bash at altering the width to accommodate bigger pictures- did you notice?)


If you haven't already, and you're a female aged 18-30, please please please would you do me a massive favour and complete this short survey about fashion magazines? I promise that it doesn't take longer than 5 minutes and you'd be helping out a very grateful student :) T'is the season to be jolly and all!

Hope everyone has a fab Christmas-day tomorrow!



  1. Photo quality is gorgeous - v nice! I've done your survey :)

  2. Thanks, need to practise though, no photographer yet! Thanks hun :) x

  3. Hi thanks so much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! And thanks also for your lovely comment - I'm glad you liked my scarf, I'm pretty proud of it ha! Wowza incredibly jealous of your DSLR I've been hankering after one for aaaages! And your snow pictures are so beautiful, I look forward to seeing some more great pictures *new follower* x

  4. You're very welcome and thanks for the follow-back :) Thanks, it's going to bankrupt me for a few months as it's on finance, but hopefully I'll manage! x

  5. i love the pictures you take! xx

  6. Thanks, long way to go til they're as good as yours- your photography is amazing! x

  7. Lovely pics, look forward to the next lot :) Sally x


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