Thursday, 2 December 2010

"This is the modern world"

On Sunday, mummy and daddy Fox came to visit Birmingham- handily corresponding with the day I needed a lift back down from North Yorkshire.

My mum is always drawn in by the shopping that Birmingham has to offer (a stark contrast to the single village shop of the area I'm from).

My Dad however, had different ideas and had planned to go to a scooter parts fair in Kings Heath. He was a mod in the 70s at the time of the revival and has firmly got back into scooters since buying another Lambretta a year or so ago.

I love the mod subculture and find anything associated with it immediately interesting. It goes without saying that I'd rather have accompanied him to the parts fair, however boring that may sound to most people, than have yet another day shopping in Birmingham.

So off we went to the Cocks Moors Woods leisure centre on Alcester road. Firstly can I say, what an amazing leisure centre! It looked like Disney Land compared to the council one I used to go to the gym at in Perry Barr! That's Perry Barr for you I guess.

I couldn't believe that it cost £4 each to get into the fair; though it was bigger than I expected.

I'd so love my own scooter. Shame I can't even afford a new car.

Think I should get myself an old army parka to cover in these

A bit of clothing on sale at the fair

Some mod-style shirts for sale
I was pleased to find a bit of clothing for sale at the fair. A few stalls held some small rails of secondhand clothing for me to root through- so I wasn't short of something to do whilst my dad looked at exhausts and rusty whatnots.

I found old Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Levi's and more. There were a few pairs of vintage shoes too; though pretty much all of the clothes and stuff were mens'.

Luckily, I'm not adverse to a bit of masculine dressing and came away with this great old Ben Sherman shirt for a mere £5.

(Bear in mind that hair, makeup and general appearance were seriously lacking at the point these were taken!)

Suddenly aware of a big spot on my chin and decided I wouldn't risk smashing the camera lens
The shirt is almost denim-like; it's thick, pale blue cotton. I love!

Looks quite an old one going off the label.

Side pocket label
I also aquired this black mohair cardigan over the weekend. My mum was going to throw it out, can you imagine!

You can't see it very well here but it's really chunky and warm- just what I've been looking for.

It's old Next. Again, the label on it looks pretty old.

You may notice some black mohair threads on the pictures of the above shirt- that's what they are, not cathair as you may think!

I'll leave you with a picture of my dad's Lambretta...

and his old one from back in the day too.



  1. Hi there-fabulous lambretta, my son Chris would adore that!! He's into the mod look too, so I've been picking up Ben Shermans for him at the charity shops on my travels. Well done on your shirt and love the cardi too! x

  2. Ha my mum picks up so many Ben Sherman shirts for my dad at charity shops- amazing what people don't want!


  3. Jealous of your dad's lambretta!
    Love the outfit; Ben Sherman + cute hat = perfect!

  4. me too, though he'd never let me borrow it! x


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