Monday, 26 December 2011

Sleighbells ring, are you listening?

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone had an awesome day yesterday- I certainly did so thought I'd share it.

Me and the fella had xmas dins at our flat; my first time at Christmas dinner!

Shortly after taking this, I knocked a glass of the rose cava all over the bf, cream carpet and curtain- oops!

Deffo ousted the sprouts for my version!

It turned out really well and was delish- if I do say so myself!

After our dinner we headed up to my mum's in North Yorkshire for the afternoon/evening.

Failed to take ONE family photo. Mainly just ones of my dog!

I thought I'd share my pressies with you. I was totally spoilt.

Left to Right: Vintage Style by Sarah Kennedy (AMAZING), Making Vintage Accessories by Emma Brennan, Gorgeous by Gok Wan party nails bag, vintage-style fabric photoframe, floral tea tray, Olay moisturiser, LUSH bath bombs, The Good Girl on DVD (been looking for this all over), Cath Kidston coat hangers, jewelled trinket box, Baylis and Harding Vintage Rose hand soap, various biscuits and choccies, Cath Kidston mugs and milk jug, Wok, Kurt Geiger Woking boots.

My mum got me all the floral stuff- she knows me well!

And how thoughtful is this, she wrapped my wok up with noodles, sesame oil, soy sauce and Chinese five spice!

Oh and how cute is this fox ring my boyf got me?!

Please ignore the poor, poor attempt at Christmas nail art!
Hope you're all having a chilled out Boxing Day. I've been at work today but am home now, sipping on a brew in one of my new mugs, shopping online (buying a dupe of that Zara bag) and watching Come Dine With Me.



Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Vintage tees and skinheads

Hello strangers!

Sorry for my absence; having a full time job is taking its toll!

For those who didn't know, I'm now an E-Commerce Assistant at Flannels Fashion and loving it!

I've even been able to help out with their blog and write a few bits myself. Here's the latest one I wrote.

So yeah, working 9-5 has been so nice after 3am starts in my stint at the airport. I never thought I was a 9-5 sort of girl but it seems that I am- must be growing up!

I haven't had time to do much shopping and mooching around at places of interest, hence not a lot to blog about...

However I thought today I'd share this cool Levi's T shirt I picked up at my local Oxfam for £5.99- yeah I know, Oxfam is extortionate! But I'd have paid a tenner in a vintage shop so not too horrific.

Tshirt: £5.99, Oxfam; Earrings: 50p, car boot sale; Inverted Cross Necklace: ASOS; Boots: Kurt Geiger

It's a men's medium which is what I like in these sorts of T shirts. Rather than hacking the sleeves off as I normally would, I just rolled them up- it is winter and all.

P.S. I've been messing around with Photoshop if that wasn't already obvious. It's also pretty clear I'm not great at it! I'm trying to teach myself how to edit photos to look like they're taken with a Lomo camera. they're coming out a bit dark so will have to work on that (the T shirt is old and faded out to a grey colour by the way).

The boots I'm wearing are an early Christmas present from the boyf.

I actually chose them myself! They're from Kurt Geiger. I was going to buy them then my boyf divulged that he was intending to buy me a pair for Christmas anyway so it made sense to just get them for me.

I've been wearing them already because I desperately needed something substantial on my feet to fight the awful, wet weather conditions.

I wanted something that was my style, yet was smart enough to wear for work so these flat chelsea boots fit the bill perfectly.

On a side note, did you all watch This is England '88?

I absolutely love the series- I think even more than I loved the film. Though for me, the first series was slightly better.

One thing that never changes though is the amazing styling. Lol is up there with my biggest style icons.

What did you think of '88?



Friday, 4 November 2011

"Increse the Peace"

Went out for a rare drink with the boyf last night- rare due to the fact we both work in bars and do silly hours!

I got to wear my new (sort of) leopard print faux fur coat which I was pleased about!

Vintage faux fur coat: £35, eBay; Cross earring: £6 (for 2), ASOS; Letter necklace: vintage;  Belt: 50p, charity shop; Playsuit: £25, Baylis & Knight; Vintage Jane Shilton bag, £3.99, charity shop; Boots: Jeffery Campbell
I've wanted a coat like this for years but have never been lucky enough to thrift one; I finally bit the bullet and bought this one from eBay for £35 last week.

If you see a coat like this in a charity shop, buy it. Honestly, there are last year's New Look versions (which were in the sale for £20 last Jan if I recall!) going for £40+ on eBay- madness! My vintage one is a little more original so I was quite happy to fork out £35 for it.

Showing off my new Litas!
Also wearing the playsuit I mentioned in my last post. I love plain, well-fitting clothes that you can just chuck a statement coat over- I might be treading into Bet Lynch territory otherwise!

The night ended fairly weirdly. We bumped into my old manager and his friend at the pub so had a few drinks with them. After being chucked out at close, we (and a few other curious drinkers) headed over to a house opposite which was covered in fairy lights and banners and ended up going inside.

We were greeted by a load of squatters who were strewn around the house playing the guitar and scrawling on the walls. We stayed far too long for my liking- Chris was busy having a debate with one of the squatters about their rights and the fact that we pay our taxes and the rent and are getting by just fine! (Reading this over my shoulder, he says, "I was being Louis Theroux!")

The post title, "Increse the Peace", by the way is something which was penned in the Ladies at the pub, followed by "Can't spell you fucking idiot".

It perhaps was a prophecy about the events to follow...


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's not your birthday too-dayyyy...

It was, in fact, almost a month ago!

But I promised to post a little montage of things I got- which wasn't a great deal because I am now 22 and not a child! Boo!

Okay so the old-styley prints were from my friend Charlotte. Been looking for something like these to pretty-up my flat so they're perfect. I just need to thrift some mis-matched frames for them now!

The cute coasters and tissue box were little presents from my mum (now I've moved out I expect I will fall victim to constantly receiving presents 'for the house').

The gorgeous silver and turquoise stone bracelet was from my friend Sophie- she has such an eye for these things. I don't wear silver much but really should so was really pleased with it.

The earrings and perfume were from the boyf (plus a slap-up meal might I add). Hypnotic Poison by Dior is my absolute fave and has been since I was about 12 years old and smelt one of my best friend's sister's bottle. This one is the 'Sensuelle' version which is a little more subtle than the original.

I also chucked in the Mac foundation which was a little present to myself, along with my JCs. I tend to invest in really good mascaras rather than any other variety of makeup, but after trying the Mac Studio Fix Fluid I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a cheaper foundation! This is honestly fantastic; I used to think that I didn't really want/need much coverage but in my old age, my skin is a little worse for wear (mainly a build up of spot scars) and this foundation gives amazing coverage without looking too heavy. Love it!

I bought this playsuit to wear on my birthday night out. It's v. v. simple but I thought it was a good investment as it's so versatile. I bought it from a brand called Baylis and Knight, from Afflecks Palace in Manchester. All their items are handmade locally and they're such amazing quality for the price. This one was just £25.

There wasn't a great full picture of me in it on the night but I may use it for an outfit post soon.

Here's half of me with some of the Birmingham crew (couldn't resist, such a chav at heart)- there's not a picture of us all together; really wished I had been more dedicated to photos on the night!

Speaking of the uni girls, they got me this fab vintage mohair jumper!

I absolutely love it. I think it's hand-knitted because there are no labels- extra unique and special. It's very autumnal so I'm wearing it as much as possible before December, for which I'm on the hunt for a big tacky Christmas jumper!

Lots of love,


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hey, I put some new shoes on...

Or rather I put them on my bed- haven't had much chance to wear them!

They are of course my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas, eek!

Yes, I'm a bit late but I've wanted these for SO long. I couldn't justify buying them whilst I was a student then I did the whole moving, getting a full time job, generally struggling along thing, THEN, I had my birthday and got paid the same day and it was apparent that the time had come!

After discovering a few months ago that Office stocked them online, I've been dying to add them to my basket. English girls will know how difficult they were to get over here!

Even the box is beautiful. It's got a gorgeous crossword illustration on it. The subject matter? Shoes of course! I really want to complete it but probably shouldn't spoil the box.

I'll do an outfit post with them soon. I wore them for the first time to the cinema last night (watched Drive. I was dubious but it was actually very good. Loved the 80s vibe) but didn't have time to take pictures. Admittedly I didn't walk very far but I can confirm that they didn't hurt my feet in the slightest. Hoping that the reports of them being amazingly comfortable to wear are true- I'll let you know when they've had a better run!

Does anyone else think they make your feet look big? I reckon mine look at least a size larger in them. They get away with it for being so awesome though.

I'll also do a post soon on other pressies and bits I got for my birthday.

Have you treat yourselves to anything nice recently?



Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bowler hats and beauty buys

Hello again! Wow, on it aren't I? Two posts in a matter of days!

To be honest I haven't got a great deal else to do as I'm off work for a week or so because I'm waiting for my CRB check to come through (another annoyance of working at an airport!).

You will also be pleased to hear that I got a marketing internship after Thursday's interview. Though, in a strange twist of events, it isn't with the charity that I applied for. They (the charity) thought another candidate was better suited to the organisation; however one of the interviewers liked me so much that she wants me to intern at her company!

So yeah, off work for the time being, I took some sneaky photos whilst I was alone in the flat yesterday because I rather liked my outfit (N.B: I was popping out to town- I DON'T look like this when lounging about doing nothing). Here it is...

Bowler hat: £3, Primark; Earrings: 50p, car boot sale; Leather Jacket: Topshop sale; Top: Topshop;  Bag:  £8,  vintage fair; Arty-a-like: eBay; Belt: 50p, charity shop; Shorts: £5, COW vintage Bham (bought as jeans); Shoes: Aldo
I've been messing about on Photoshop as I'd like to get into editing my photos more and giving them more of a vintage look. Constructive criticism appreciated!

I love this bag and totally forgot about it, isn't finding old stuff in your wardrobe awesome?

Beauty-ful Buys

Yes so beauty! Not my usual forté ey?

A little something about me: I love ANYTHING coconut flavoured/scented and I have scoured the earth (okay, several shops in England) for a decent, but not expensive (I still refuse to pay what the Body Shop charge for most of their smellies!) coconut shower wash.

Ladies... I believe I have found the answer.

I spotted this new range in Bodycare and thought I'd give it a go. I got the shower cream at 79p (I believe) and the dry shampoo at, I think, £1.49.

I can confirm that both products are excellent! The shower cream is amazing value for money- it's really rich, with loads of lather and smells amazing!

The dry shampoo was impressive too. It's a bit cheaper than Batiste and smells really nice. To be honest I find some of the Batiste fragrances a bit sickly and overpowering but this one smells gorgeous. I'm converted!

The brand is called Inecto (yep, never heard of it!) and unfortunately, neither of my products, from the 'Pure Coconut' range are on the website! I assure you that they're still in the Bodycare stores.

I think I'll be trying the body scrub and moisturising lotion next.

Hope you enjoyed my one off beauty tip!


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Back for good?


Wow it's been time, no? I do sincerely apologise for my appalling blogging but I've been fairly busy recently.

Since the last post I've moved into my new flat in Manchester; unpacked and placed all furniture, clothes, shoes etc...; set the place up with phone and internet; been job hunting- the list goes on!

In my last post, I mentioned a new blazer I picked up at a car boot sale for £2.50

Earrings: 50p, car boot; Top: £2, vintage shop

It's an old size 14, so a little oversized. I should've taken a close-up because I love the detail- parts of the checks are made up of little dogstooth patterns (probably my favourite print ever!). I'm also rather found of the black velvet collar.

I thought it'd be perfect for interviews, though I haven't had much luck on the job front. Finding a graduate job is considerably harder than I expected so I'm working in a bar at Manchester airport at the moment- not the dream but it's paying the rent.

I have however got an interview tomorrow. It's only for an internship but I think the extra experience will help me get that elusive media job.

Did you notice I've chopped my hair off?

Admittedly, it doesn't look its best right now; it looked great when it was done at Toni & Guy! I was fed up of the old mop after all the black dying/colour stripping/ red dying fail/ shaved side. I feel like it's in much better condition now and the colour looks better because the dark ends have been cut off.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of my new flat (it's getting increasingly homely-er) and post something new as soon as I have any interesting news/purchases!

Me and the boyf- we literally had all the furniture given and this photo was on the front of our thank you cards!
The boudoir

The guest room...


Sunday, 31 July 2011

A day at the 'boot


This is just a quick one to show you a few things I got at a car boot sale this morning.

I went to Gisburn's (the village mocked by Renault Megane! There was quite a stir, let me tell you) car boot sale with my mum and dad this morning. Having my parents' motivation was good because I actually went last weekend and came away more or less empty-handed because I'm too lazy to get up in good time! I didn't get there 'til gone 11am, not good bargain-hunting practice.

I picked up a few great bits; my favourites being these vintage suitcases:

P.S. Sorry about the pictures, I'm moving tomorrow and my camera charger is packed away so these were just taken on my phone.

They were just £2 each! Even the huuuuge one (which the guy said was 60s). I was so pleased to snap these up as I'm constantly envious of people picking them up for next to nothing (Sadie is a devil for this!) when all I seem to find are over-priced ones- I've seen ones like the small one on sale for £45 and £60 for ones similar to the cream one!

I was drawn to them as we were on the lookout for a vacuum cleaner for my new house in Manchester (moving tomorrow, eek!) and the seller had one stood on top of the cream case. Naturally I was far more interested in its podium.

We did in fact snap up a vacuum cleaner from another seller for £12 which seemed like a bargain as it was a reasonably new Vax one. Sadly, upon getting it home we found that the brushbar inside was completely ruined and had melted so doesn't spin round. I'm going to have to order a replacement one- annoying as these are about £12, so just as expensive as the machine!

I think I'm too trusting of people. The guy seemed a bit reluctant to let us take it out of the box but he insisted that it was in perfect working order and had only had it a few months. He seemed really nice and I guess I thought that he wouldn't rip off a young girl about to move into her own place (yes, told him the back story!). Sigh.

On a more positive note, I got all these great earrings!

I'm totally an earrings (and rings) girl and constantly lose my earrings so like to keep the stock up! Cheap, gold 80s ones like these are my faves so happily picked up five pairs for 50p a set.

I also got a great checked blazer/jacket which I think I'll do an outfit post on when the time comes as I'll probably wear it to an interview. Those of you who follow will know I'm on the hunt for a job in Manchester after graduating.

Here is where I'd insert a picture of me in a black gown throwing my cap in the air but alas, my ceremony isn't 'til Feb/March next year! It's pretty ridiculous and I'm getting jealous of seeing all my friends' pictures of theirs- I guess by then I will at least be able to afford a nice new dress! I got a First by the way; so, so chuffed, I worked really hard in my last year so happy it paid off.

So now I just need a job- or my new apartment won't last long! I have an interview on Wednesday for a paid PR and Marketing internship and will possibly be receiving a call tomorrow about another interview for a PR Account Executive role. Cross your fingers for me!


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Whoahh stop, wait a minute, Mr Postman...

Not the most thrilling of posts, but this one's mainly about what I received in the post today!

The first item being a copy of the fabulous Rookie magazine...

Rookie is due to be an online magazine (there's a countdown to its launch on the website!) but my fellow blogger and BCU'er Laura was kind enough to send me a free copy ahead of the launch.

Also an aspiring journo like myself, Laura's done so well to land herself the role of Fashion Editor at Rookie.

** Job hunt update- promising stuff for a position as Social Media Assistant for a start-up fashion company (similar to ASOS apparently!) and I also have an interview for a Revolution bar! Not the media dream but it's a job nonetheless.

Anyway, I was really keen to read Laura's fashion pieces because she's an amazing fash writer (she wrote a piece on vintage shopping for me which was printed in Trashion). The magazine contains lots of fashion stuff which was good to see!

Some fashion pages
You may also notice a rather lovely ring I'm sporting in the second picture; is it an Arty you ask? Of course not!

Excuse the 'doing nothing day' lack of effort that's gone into my appearance today

I call it my 'farty' ring! (fake + Arty, geddit?). It's a pretty good copy to be honest, well worth £15 from eBay.

I decided to get it after seeing one in a post from Kavita's i heart vintage blog. When the YSL ring first hit the scene I scoured eBay (and everywhere else) for a copy- hey, I'm not paying over £100 for a ring that ain't even gold and tries to pass off glass as a real stone! Though it seems that now they've been around a while there are loads of fakies cropping up.

It's all good for a brassic graduate like me!

On that note, something else I'm due to receive in the post is my uni results! My friends who live in Birmingham got theirs today and all got firsts and 2:1s so I'm very proud! Though because I'm back in Yorkshire, I couldn't really justify 'popping in' to Birmingham to collect them so I guess they'll take a few days to arrive. I'll tweet my results as soon as I get them, or if they're worth bragging about I might even mention them in a post ;)


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