Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bits and pieces...

Here's a post of things that I either forgot to share at the time or just didn't get round to.

Waaaaaay back in December, my lovely uni girls and I had a fun 'secret Santa' exchange/boozy lunch (you can watch the video of the excitement here- on my friend Jess' awesome YouTube channel).

I was very happy to discover that my beautiful friend Louise was my Santa- I love her style!

She got me this gorgeous vintage-style locket.

(WARNING: Photos are not great. Haven't yet fathomed out how to take pictures of small shiny objects with my new camera! Any tips?)

Jewellery box (possibly)- charity shop

I photographed it by some of my other jewellery (even though the camera wouldn't focus on the bloody thing) so you can see how nice and big it is. Big, gold jewellery? Yes please.

It's not very clear in the pictures, but the rose cameo is really intricate and pretty. My boyfriend was having a good inspection of it the other night and said, "I bet some bloody work went into that!". Well, I think it's more likely to be made by some kind of machine than hand-crafted by Native American Indians- but beautiful nonetheless!

She also got me this cute vintage bag.

The leather is really buttery soft and I love the little gold details at the top. It's quite small so I've been using it as an evening bag.

I think the brooch I mentioned in the last post would look really nice on it, though I can't get it through the leather- might have to enlist a man to do it!


Whilst at uni a week or so ago, I found myself with a bit of time before my train home so decided to quickly pop to bodycare to get some mouthwash, but me being me, fannied about a bit too long and missed it! With another half an hour to wait, I decided to pop into the Perry Barr Age Concern by the station.

And glad I did!

I managed to get myself another tartan scarf- 50p.

And an aran knit jumper for £3.

70s looking I thought, what do you reckon? I don't personally like the style (the neck and shape mostly) but thought I could sell it on. The ones on ebay don't seem to be making much at the moment and wondered whether I might try ASOS Marketplace- anyone had any experience with selling on there? Would love to hear!

And to those with a critical eye who may have noticed that I always use my bedcover as a background (if you haven't, I've just announced my lame secret), I apologise. It's just there and, well, better than the floor ey?



  1. Hi there-your necklace and bag are lovely thoughtful gifts, so stylish indeed and I love how you'll be putting the brooch on the bag too! Great price for the tartan scarf and good luck with your selling too x

  2. What fab gifts. I do like the brooch pinned on the bag. No tips re: the photography, I tend to have a tantrum and get Jon to do it for me. xxx

  3. Yep, agree with everyone else re the brooch on the bag - looks great. Loving the cameo necklace.

  4. love seeing your findsm that scarf is a beaut x

  5. Oo the arran jumper is lush and so is the cameo necklace - it's so dainty and cute. Ah yes I'm not sure whether to venture into the ASOS marketplace yet either Keep us posted on how it goes x

  6. He he Katy, as if you've been blogging about my presents! Glad you like them hun. I was chuffed when I got you as my recipient, I love your style and I had so many ideas for what to get you. xx

  7. Haha yes of course! I would've put them up sooner but forgot to be honest! Love them and love you, mwah! x

  8. fab gifts! i haven't tried their marketplace yet, but their clearance bit is amazing :) x

  9. ohh, the aran jumper is beautiful! i've been searching for something similar for ages. love your tartan scarf too, i always wear mine :)

    my tip for shooting little things is to have the setting on either auto or the closeup setting (usually a little flower symbol, hehe). i tend to just use auto, and i keep on slightly moving the camera and pressing the shutter halfway down so that it focuses on the object - i hope that helps!



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