Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Just a quick one...

Despite having an exam on Friday which I'm immensely unprepared for, I thought I'd do a quick, picture-lead post to tide you lot over- I've been a bit neglectful again haven't I?

So, at Christmas-time I was pretty brassic and couldn't really indulge in much sales shopping, but there's always funds-enough to do it thrift style!

My local Age Concern (still not yet made the switch to Age UK), in Settle, North Yorkshire, is one of the few charity shops I know of to put on a 'New Year's sale'- you'd think things were cheap enough right? But who am I to complain...

So as there was 50% off pretty much everything, I thought I'd go have a look. I picked up this belt for a pocket-friendly 50p:

It's leather with little silver and gold tone metal accents. I've seen a few of these in COW vintage, Birmingham- I think they're probably American and seem to have a bit of a line dancing influence (mine has little cowboy boots on)

And I also got this small navy bag for 75p:

Excuse the sinful, chipped nail polish
Thought it was quite cute and most of my bags are black, so a good addition I think.

My Age Concern also has an amazing fancy dress section, which I hadn't visited since I was 17 for a fancy dress day in sixth form.

(This is the place where all the great fur coats are exiled)

I had a little time to kill so popped up. It really is amazing!

The majority of the stuff up there is vintage- some really obscure stuff which they would make a killing off if they sold it on eBay!

Anyway, here's a few pictures I took up there on my phone:

I attemped to buy this vintage sequin top but they wouldn't give in!

They're very reluctant to sell items from the fancy dress area. I was told that they often chuck some of it out (!!!) when there's too much stuff and they were planning to have a mass cull in due course- gutted I'm back in Birmingham now!

Later that day I went to Skipton to do a little more charity shopping- I'll post my buys sometime after Friday.

(I'll also do that outfit post soon too. Promise!)

Well, turned out to be a longer post than I expected! I always feel the need to narrate what I've done and indulge in a bit of rambling- must be the journalist in me.

Oh and...

I've had a lot more views these past two weeks, despite not posting for some time; mainly thanks to an old post of mine on retro swimwear, mentioning the impossibly gorgeous Katy Perry.

So for all my new readers, made up no doubt of horny teenage boys google-ing 'Katy Perry in a bikini', here's another:

Goal for the summer?!




  1. Yay! You're back. Nice scores, too. That Age Concern looks fantastic and a thoroughly deserving charity, too. What a shame you couldn't snafle some of those goodies.
    Acorns Hospice has had a half price sale on for the last two weeks in all it's shops but it's over now.
    Good luck with the

  2. My mum was telling me about another near us that had a sale where you could fill a carrier bag for £1- unbelievable! x

  3. our charity shops are getting more and more expensive..i'll have to come down and take advantage!!
    oh i would so love to look like katy perry!!!

  4. Ohhh I have family that live near Skipton - and I love the town it's so cute and quaint! Also, that tweed coat with the fur collar is brilliant - such a great find! And ha, that's hilarious that Katy Perry's been boosting your blog views - love it :) x

  5. I am so so jealous of all your amazing thrifted finds, you have such an eye for a bargain!


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