Sunday, 23 January 2011

Part two

In my last post, I mentioned that I'd continued my charity shopping day onto Skipton- here's the buys!

(Slowly beginning to catch up with these posts now)

I'd been on the lookout for a tartan scarf for a while, and managed to get this checked one (not quite the style I was after, but I like it) at the Cancer Research shop for £2.50.

The little gold rose brooch was about 75p, I think, and is from the Martin House Children's Hospice shop, where I also got this book:

I'm still at a loss as to why I bought it; I can't, and have never attempted to knit, EVER.

I think my love for anything brash and 80s, ridiculous jumpers in particular, might've influenced the decision. 

To be fair, I would like to learn to knit; bit late for a New Year's resolution though, maybe next year.

I also picked up this great cardigan which has fast become one of my favourites.

I actually saw this in the window whilst the shop was closed over Christmas, was so chuffed it was still there.

The decorative bit on one of the batwing sleeves is quite unusual, with little applique flowers, beads and pearls sewn on.

And I can't tell you how soft it is; in the window I thought it was mohair, but it is in fact angora and lambswool- so cosy! It was only £3 too.

More posts to come, lots of new stuff!




  1. Hi my dear-just love that cardi, love the fluffiness and embellishment, I'm into 80s fashion too, don't ask me why-good luck on the learning to knit front too! xx

  2. OH YES, love the cardie. It'll look great on you.

  3. The cardi's ace - I love the sleeves and the detailing. And that scarf will be perfect if the crappy weather emerges again! x

  4. The cardi is ace, I bet it will look fab on you. Tigi was such a trendy make when I were a lass! xxx

  5. i've just found your blog and i LOVE it, mostly because i appreciate a bloody good charity shop find. following you now! elle x

    i love that necklace, i think it goes perfectly with that new look shirt. thought i'd say hello, because i've just found & started following your blog. i love your style! ♥ elle

    elle & the fashion folk

  6. Thanks guys, went and drunkenly lost the cardi the other night! Hope it turns back up, haha x

  7. love the cardigan, and love this blog!
    ive followed :)
    check out mine if youve got a minute!

  8. i love the styling on that book - that was once soo hip! xx

  9. I wish I would be so lucky as to snag such great bargains! The cardigan is especially lovely. The embroidery on the sleeve definitely kicks things up a notch. Nice find

  10. i love these things!! xx


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