Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Blazer glory

I've been meaning to post about this purchase for a while but third year uni rubbish and illness has delayed the process.

Anyway I picked up this awesome blazer from a charity shop in Kings Heath, Birmingham for £5.

Earrings: Topshop Necklace: Clothes Show T shirt: £5, Motel (sale) Belt: Primark Trousers: £3.99, vintage, eBay Wedges: New Look
It's vintage St. Michael at Marks and Spencers, complete with built-in shoulder pads; only problem is, it's a size 18.

I love the hot pink colour which fits well with the incoming Spring Brights trend. Wouldn't look out of place among the Jil Sander SS11 collection, no?

I thought I'd get it and sell it on but I'm struggling to part with it- it brings out my inner Kim Woodburn.

I think it works okay as a boyfriend-style fit though, don't you think?

The trousers are new too. They're vintage and were an eBay bargain at £3.99

I was a bit disappointed that they weren't more fitted below the knee, but I like the high waist.
You may also notice that I've gone and shaved my head (a bit). I had it done at the hairdressers two weeks ago (and paid a lot for it as I was given the 'Artistic Director' without requesting her, then not being told that I'd been booked in with her!) and had it shaved on a number three. No one was really paying it much attention so I had a bash at doing it shorter myself.

Turned out quite well I thought- won't bother visiting over-priced hairdressers next time!

Foxy x


  1. You look lovely! That blazer is so good! XX

  2. Liking the jacket. Doesn't look over big on you at all. Your hair looks great. Good for you doing it yourself!

  3. Well done for doing your hair, I one made a complete balls up on a diy hair colour which resulted in me having to have it all bleached out by a salon for more than it would have cost to have had my colour done by the hairdresser in the first place!! Great blazer - a fair few of the charity shops near me have installed the dreaded "vintage rail" where everything is automatically priced over a tenner! Scarlett x

  4. Oh I love a bit of shaved head action! Had lots of fun painting words and patterns (paper doilies do good 'lace' effect!) into my friend's head a while ago for a New-Rom night. Wish it were more my kind of thing, because it always looks very cool.

    And, I love the jacket. So Duran Duran!! Which is as it should be, you being from Birmingham and all!!


  5. i love that blazer - its so pretty! i bed your hair looks awesome, cant wait to see it up close and proper! xxx

  6. The jacket is fab. Love the pink-black contrast.

    I'd love a close up and how-to on the hair, too!


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