Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Getting shirty

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that sheer chiffon and silk shirts are everywhere at the moment!
Richard Nicoll RTW SS11

Cynthia Rowley RTW SS11
I've been mulling over the prospect of buying a nice one from Topshop for a while now, but I think the prices are extortionate!

Still, these ones are rather nice...

Sheer black open-back shirt, £38
Silk tab shirt, £40
Reluctant to shell-out 40 quid a shirt, I took a trip to Kings Heath to hunt some down, thrift style!

- This is a bit of an outfit post by the way; thought it was high time I posted some pictures of me in the clothes I buy like a proper blogger! Plus my new camera charger arrived today. I'm quite camera shy so be nice! I've added  details about the outfits where I've remembered them too.

So, the first shirt I picked up on my trip was this gorgeous cream silky one from The British Red Cross shop- a bargainous contrast to the Topshop ones at £2.50!

Shirt: £2.50, charity shop Necklace: gift, Earrings: Birmingham Rag Market Watch: charity shop Leggings: Topshop Wedges: New Look
I think I might take out the shoulder pads but I don't think they look too prominent anyway.

The second was this sheer one. It's a brand from Debenhams and was a mere £2.29.

Bowler hat: £3, Primark Earrings: car boot sale Necklaces: charity shops Shirt: £2.29, charity shop Watch: 50p, car boot sale Belt: 50p, charity shop Shorts: handmade by me from gifted 70s deadstock jeans Tights: Primark Shoes: Aldo
The third shirt I bought on my trip was this red short-sleeved one- £2.29 too.

Hat: as before Earrings: car boot sale Necklace: Clothes Show Shirt: £2.29, charity shop Belt: Primark Watch: free from car boot sale Belt: Primark Skirt: Topshop Tights: as before Boots: Dr Martens
I loved the detail on the shoulders but was a bit worried about my own shoulders looking huge in it- the shoulder pads inside were massive! In the changing room, some further inspection uncovered that they were sewn in all the way across rather than with just a couple of stitches; difficult to cut out?

Thankfully, I cheekily yanked at one and the stitching just came away- decision to buy made!

I think it looks great on teamed with a waist belt and the collar turned down; seeing as the boyfriend thinks I look like a "Chinese soldier" with it up!

Collar and neck detail
The label says 'Canda' which is a brand from, the now obsolete in the UK store, C&A.

You might recognise the shirt below from my last post.

Earrings: car boot sale Necklace: handmade by me Watch: 50p, car boot sale Shirt: COW vintage Belt and shorts: as before Bag: £8, vintage
It was on the sale rail at COW vintage (Digbeth store) and worked out at £1.50 with the buy-one-get-one-free offer.

I thought it would look good in summer tied up like this, especially when all the bright colours properly come in.

I also picked up this leopard print shirt from eBay for 99p- it's not as nice as some that I was watching, but I couldn't argue with the price.

Earrings: vintage flea market, Birmingham Shirt: 99p, eBay Necklace: modified from charity shop Belt: as before Bag: gift, vintage Leggings: as before Wedges: as before Lipstick: Mac (in 'Mac Red')- if you're interested in that sort of thing!
I'll leave you with a silly one of me. Wasn't paying much attention whilst the boyf was playing photographer and trying to take photos through the viewfinder!



  1. Love it all! You're the expert at finding charity shop bargains! xx

  2. Love those shirts, Katie, especially the red and white ones. Brilliant photos.

  3. Love the outfits...especially the earrings in the 3rd outfit! xo

  4. Great styling! More photos of you, please! I love the Chinese style one the most.
    Kings Heath Wetherspoon's is hilarious, if you don't get hit on by a pissed Irish pensioner then there's something desparately wrong. xxx

  5. Such great finds! I really need to check out birmingham's charity shops - shame there aren't many in the city centre.

    I saw Brighton Rock at the Electric, which is definitely worth it just for all the old fashioned-ness (and I think its cheaper than the main cinemas!). The film itself doesn't really have too many mod scenes, but as long as there are a few its still worth seeing! I loved the general aesthetics of the film as well :). xxx

  6. It is definitely a shame! Worth travelling out to some of the smaller areas though.

    Ha I actually went to the Electric cinema last night to see Black Swan (v.v. good by the way!- the first time despite being in Birmingham for almost 3 years! I did think it was cheap actually, other than the snacks, but I didn't really need all those! Loved the cinema but was glad I was sat near the front, I doubt the visibility from the pricey sofa area! Definitely have to check out Brighton Rock!


  7. The collar and neck detail on the red blouse is so amazing. Thanks so much for dropping by

  8. I love the cream and leopard print blouses! They're fab and what bargains too! I need to get down to my local charity shops soon! Also loving your hair - it looks great! It makes me want to chop all mine off and try out having a a bob :) x

  9. SO jealous of your shirt collection! x

  10. oh my, there's just so much to love here! i can't believe all those prices too, and gorgeous colours :) xx

  11. Hi, Just found you blog - awesome! Great to find another british "thrifter" :o) Great looks - loving your style. Scarlett x

  12. great looks! I've been looking for a nice blouse for my 6th form uniform but couldn't afford much on the high've inspired me to do some thrifting for one! :) Lovely blog x x

  13. I really like that red shirt! just found your blog, great style! Julia :)


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