Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More belated sales haul...

I forgot to post about this little lot I picked up from the sale rail at COW vintage (Digbeth, Birmingham).

They usually have the bargain section at the back of the shop, but in the spirit of the New Year sales, it was all buy one get one free! How could I resist?

I got this lot for a mere £6!

Some of it I'm going to modify- like the long cobolt blue dress which I hope to turn into a top, or shorter dress, I haven't decided.

The horrific skirt (!) would make for a great cushion cover project I decided. I like the colours and pattern and there's plenty of fabric to have a go at.

I'm no expert, but I thought that the fact it has buttons down the middle would make it a pretty easy thing to do, so that this could be the cushion cover opening.

Any advanced sewers agree?

Just need to find some basic instructions online and I'm good to go!

P.S I've gone and lost the charger for my new camera so these pictures were taken on a less-sophisticated thing.

I've had a post written out for almost two weeks but it requires a few outfit shots so I thought I'd wait 'til my new charger arrives (given up looking for the old one!).



  1. A good haul Katie. I'm not an advanced sewer by any stretch of the imagination but I think you could do a cushion cover like you say. Don't forget to show it when you've done it!

  2. Good finds. I still haven't been to Cow in Brum. At those prices there's no excuse really. Like Loo I'm no skilled seamstrss but a cushion cover (or a tote bag) would be pretty straightforward. x

  3. I'll definitely post it up if I get round to making it ;)

    Not sure if they're still doing the BOGOF offer Vix but more or less everything on the rail is £3 or less anyway- loads of colourful maxi dresses you'd love!


  4. Loving your blog!!! I am into funky vintage finds and I agree, fashion should be fun:)

    xx hali


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