Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Denim and turquoise

I wanted to share another pair of shorts I made. I made these a few days ago from some Lee jeans I got from COW vintage on the sale rail for £5. I figured that I'd pay about that in a charity shop so didn't hestitate in buying them.

Here they are!

Hair: bush, depths of hell- you decide! Debbie Harry T-shirt: Ben Sherman Plaited leather belt: Topshop Tights: Primark (originally un-ripped!)

I have lots of denim cut-offs, but love these because they're the only pair that don't cut into my thighs! I'm cursed (some might say blessed- I think it's a pain in the arse!) with a little waist and bigger hips/bum/thighs. Needless to say, it's quite a challenge finding highwaisted clothing that fits well in both departments!

These are quite big on my waist but look okay drawn in with a belt (if you look closely you'll see a bit of a paperbag effect going on). I also love the washed-out colour as all my other cut-offs are darker shades of denim.

I like having a raw, frayed hem but also love turn-ups; these are the best of both worlds.

The 'turquoise' refers to these new rings.

I've been after one for aaaaages after falling in love with the YSL Arty version, but for over £100 (and it's not even gold!), I was hardly going to buy it was I?

The beautiful YSL Arty ring in turquoise

I'd seen lots of stuff on the Topshop semi-precious stone rings, and at an average of £10 they seemed a steal! The YSL one looks pretty, granted, but the stone isn't even what it seems- it's glass!

So I hit the high street and left with these beauties!

The one on the left is from Forever 21. Now, I'm not a big fan of the shop; I completely bought into the hype in the run-up to its opening in Birmingham, then was left disappointed when it finally arrived. The best way I can describe it is simply, 'an American New Look'- similar styles and prices.

I've been and looked at clothes in Forever 21 a handful of times and find that what they sell is very hit and miss. Yes they do pretty cheap clothing, but a good proportion of clothes aren't great quality- worse than Primark in many cases.

However, I'm so chuffed with this ring! For around £5, I can't tell you what great quality it feels, it's really heavy!

I was after a gold ring really, but couldn't resist this. I love the detail on the sides and the cracked effect of the 'stone', which is in fact plastic! Though someone thought it was an expensive one last night!

The second ring is Topshop. It's one of the semi-precious stone ones but was only £8.50 (even less with my student discount).

Afterwards, I realised I'd seen it on Ashleigh's 'This Stylish Life' blog- doh! We do seem to have very similar tastes though... (for some reason I can't link to the post, but it's a fairly recent one on her blog)

I'd definitely recommend that anyone going shopping in Birmingham soon checks out Forever 21 (never thought I'd hear myself say that!) but honestly, their jewellery selection is brilliant! These are my faves:








  1. Loving the denim and turquoise look.

    I have a big hit/waist difference too, I find tights-under-shorts the ONLY way I can wear them and not feel exposed. This means that in the reverse of most people I only wear shorts in winter!

  2. You look fantastic. I'm a huge fan of the denim and turquoise combination but, like Perdita, prefer the tights underneath. xxx

  3. oh if only i had the legs for those shorts - they are fabulous! The rings are great too. Have a fab weekend Scarlett x

  4. I love your rings! So cute!
    Want to follow each other?

  5. i love these rings, the colour is just gorgeous xx

  6. i so adore your shorts! the paperbag effect is lovely and the faded shade of denim is perfect.

    yes, i'm so nervous to see the final result. i'm looking forward to it but dreading it at the same time, hehe. how is your university project going? :)


  7. loving your turquoise rings, I am always on the hunt for one just like these!

    I didn't realise a F21 had opened in the UK. I agree with what you say though, i was so confused by he hype when i visited it in the states :-)

  8. Love the denim shorts and jewellery! Hope you visit back :)


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