Thursday, 21 April 2011


Todays post is more of a picture montage.

As my regular readers may have gathered, I'm rather busy at the moment! I have so much uni work it's untrue, but everything will come together- I hope. 

Not one to leave my little blog in the lurch though, I've taken a few pictures of things I've been up to/ buying/wearing recently. Enjoy!

I went charity shopping a few days ago so most of this stuff is what I bought on the trip (I went to Harborne, Birmingham by the way).

Scarf (worn as turban), £1.50, charity shop

I'm a bit obsessed with wearing vintage scarves as turbans at the minute...
I can't find the tutorial I used, but there are some great video tutorials on YouTube.

Another scarf (£1) and vintage Jane Shilton chain bag (£3.99) I picked up charity shopping:

Vintage Chiltern bag from eBay- only £3.50!

Finally bought the Barry M nail effects shatter polish. I've heard the Models Own one is a bit shite- have you?

Soon to be baking, when I get time. Pink cake tins (£4.99 for two, Aldi), cake stand (£6, vintage home fair, Birmingham).

And here's another picture of me to cheer you all up- me rocking dissertation chic, i.e. grubby tied-up hair, baggy men's shirt, boyf's tee with sleeves hacked off, leggings, flip flops and geek specs (I assure you they have real lenses, so a necessity rather than an accessory!) 

And do check out my project's blog to see how it's coming along.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine- I'm not!


P.S I just wanted to say a little thanks to everyone who reads my blog. I'm still amazed by how many views I get even when I go walkabout for a week or so and don't post anything! I've just gone over the 50 follower mark and I'm chuffed :) so yeah, thanks to the people who follow me and leave comments on my posts- I'm very grateful! 

Friday, 8 April 2011

She works hard for the money...

Well, not the money, nor the love- just the degree!

As you've probably noticed, I haven't posted on my blog for a while; not because I can't be bothered but because I am literally drowning in a sea of uni work!

As a final year student, it's all getting a bit much at the moment but fortunately, it'll all be over soon- either via a triumphant hand-in, or death by stress.

As I haven't really had time to do anything for myself, I thought I'd give you a little update on my project (a creative fashion magazine- have a look at the blog!)

I've been all-over the place this week, out on location for the magazine's photoshoots (there's some behind-the-scenes posts on the blog)

Today I was in the studio, where we photographed the various fashion DIY's featured in the magazine.

I wanted to show you this one in particular, because I think it turned out really well!

It's my take on the AMAZING McQueen knuckleduster clutches. You'll have to get hold of a magazine for more details, but it was a hell of a lot cheaper than these beauties:

I got my makeup done at the shoot for my little 'Editor's' picture in the magazine- first time I've ever had someone else do my makeup! I don't think our MUA was too happy with me; I'm a bit funny with people poking things in my eyes and kept blinking, not to mention the watery eyes!

It was a bit heavier than what I'm used to, though I was assured it would come out lighter in the pictures!

The makeup was heavier than this at the time, I've smeared over it with several tissues and washed the lipstick away with a much-needed brew since!

I also posted this picture as I realised I haven't put one up since I dyed my hair red. And yes, it doesn't look very red in the picture! It's been red a few weeks and inevitably faded quite a bit; I'll be sure to post one as soon as I re-do it!

In other news...

I remembered something interesting I did which wasn't to do with my project- but someone else's!

The fabulous Purple Boot Media are creating a series of 'webisodes' on fashion bloggers and asked to do an interview with little old me! (have a look here). I'm quite nervous to see how it turns out; I hate how I look AND sound on camera (hideous voice, thank god I work with the written word!) so it should make for, erm, interesting viewing!

They've already filmed some awesome bloggers like Jack of Über Brum (a Birmingham street style blog) and one of my personal favourites, Jazmine of Jazzabelle's Diary.



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