Thursday, 21 April 2011


Todays post is more of a picture montage.

As my regular readers may have gathered, I'm rather busy at the moment! I have so much uni work it's untrue, but everything will come together- I hope. 

Not one to leave my little blog in the lurch though, I've taken a few pictures of things I've been up to/ buying/wearing recently. Enjoy!

I went charity shopping a few days ago so most of this stuff is what I bought on the trip (I went to Harborne, Birmingham by the way).

Scarf (worn as turban), £1.50, charity shop

I'm a bit obsessed with wearing vintage scarves as turbans at the minute...
I can't find the tutorial I used, but there are some great video tutorials on YouTube.

Another scarf (£1) and vintage Jane Shilton chain bag (£3.99) I picked up charity shopping:

Vintage Chiltern bag from eBay- only £3.50!

Finally bought the Barry M nail effects shatter polish. I've heard the Models Own one is a bit shite- have you?

Soon to be baking, when I get time. Pink cake tins (£4.99 for two, Aldi), cake stand (£6, vintage home fair, Birmingham).

And here's another picture of me to cheer you all up- me rocking dissertation chic, i.e. grubby tied-up hair, baggy men's shirt, boyf's tee with sleeves hacked off, leggings, flip flops and geek specs (I assure you they have real lenses, so a necessity rather than an accessory!) 

And do check out my project's blog to see how it's coming along.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine- I'm not!


P.S I just wanted to say a little thanks to everyone who reads my blog. I'm still amazed by how many views I get even when I go walkabout for a week or so and don't post anything! I've just gone over the 50 follower mark and I'm chuffed :) so yeah, thanks to the people who follow me and leave comments on my posts- I'm very grateful! 


  1. wow, your vintage chilton bag is beautiful! what a bargain too. i'm quite jealous, hehe. xx

  2. Also jealous of the vintagte Chilton bag - beautiful! Plus, you rock that turban - it looks awesome!

  3. wow loving your bag finds, also the scarves - i a sucker for those :o) Scarlett x

  4. Hi my dear-the turban looks fabulous, I will definitely check out the tutorial!! The Chiltern bag is an amazing find and a great bargain, well done!! xx

  5. The scarf, the bag, the nails...ahh LOVEEE!!

  6. That self-tied turban is utterly fabulous on you. xxx

  7. Oh wow that bag is such a find - lucky you! And yay for the vintage scarves - I'm a big fan also, although I haven't been brave enough to try the turban yet, but it looks amazing on you so maybe I'll have to try it out x

  8. Oh my god.. im so jealous of your Vintage Chilton Bag.. I don't seem to have got the ebay thing right yet.. What a bargain!!


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