Friday, 27 May 2011

I'm back!

Wow I've been on hiatus for some time, ey? I put this down to possibly the busiest time of my life!

I'm afraid this post might not be very interesting, but thought I'd let you guys know what I've been up to!

The past month I have literally ate, slept and breathed dissertation and my uni projectMy dissertation was actually quite interesting once I got into it! My question was;

Have user-generated fashion blogs provided a viable platform for enthusiasts to participate in the constructions of fashion ideas and practices? In what ways might this new media platform be changing contemporary fashion journalism?”

My method was a discourse analysis (argh! actually pains me to use that term again!) of some popular blogs, which were: Style Bubble, Style Rookie, Wish Wish Wish, Kingdom of Style, Park & Cube, The Stylish Wanderer, Glam and Glitter Forever and The Flying Saucer and I also did a few interviews with some bloggers: Jazmine of Jazabelle's Diary, Sadie of Sadie's Wardrobe, Ella of Belle Vintage, Selina of The Flying Saucer, Jessie of The Velvet Bow and Nadine of Bimbo Beautiful. These girls gave me some fantastic material and I really enjoyed reading their insights into blogging and the journalism industry so thanks a million ladies! 

If anyone is interested in this sort of thing, I could look into posting it online somehow for people to read- bear in mind though, it is 13,000 words!

My project I think has gone pretty well too! I've spoke about it quite a bit, but it is basically a creative fashion magazine. I was essentially the editor put a lot of my time into it; I've started selling them as there was quite a bit of demand, so nice now to start getting feedback :) 

If you click on the image, you'll be taken to the blog I was (and hopefully will continue) running alongside the print issue. Also has details on buying a copy if any of you fancy that!

So yeah, things have been pretty hectic and I've pretty much been doing nothing since handing in my project on the 20th- well deserved rest I say! How I've missed lie-ins...

But I'm very keen to get back to my blogging and there's a few bits and pieces I've been waiting to customise/make and now that I have the time, hopefully I can get on with it!

It's not all over though- oh no; I have a fake job interview (the most pointless assignment!) and an exhibition where my whole course will showcase their projects (all media-based). If anyone fancies coming along to this it's open to anyone so I can post details if anyone around Birmingham wants to come and have a look.

I also wanted to share another group from my course's project- a series of 'webisodes' on fashion bloggers. Purple Boot Media have interviewed a few bloggers and industry people including Jazmine of Jazzabelle's Diary, Jack of street style blog Uber Brum and various people at Aigua Media, who run sites like Catwalk Queen and OSOYOU.

They filmed little old me for their episode on the industry- my part is pretty short but I was very flattered! Please don't laugh at my terrible voice which is now a mishmash of Yorkshire/Brummie! Oh and bedroom/laptop are borrowed- not actually mine!

If you click through to YouTube you can also view Jazmine and Jack's episodes too. They're really well made and definitely worth a look.

And have you guys properly seen my hair now it's red? 
Yeah- I'm not really known for taking great pictures!

Speak soon.

Foxy x



  1. congratulations on getting the big stuff finished! the other stuff will be a breeze after writing a dissertation and making a whole bloody magazine!

  2. You have been busy! Well done on getting through it all :o) Scarlett x

  3. your hair looks amazing here! love the colour and of course the shaved side (i wish i could pull that off!)

    you were such a natural in the video, i wasn't expecting to see myself in that episode so it was quite a surprise, hehe.


  4. This question is awesome. You should post a snippet of your answer :).

    Helen, X

  5. I'm really glad to hear everything went well for you! So happy I could be involved.


  6. Hmm the exhibition sounds really interesting- which Birmingham City campus are you on! I'm actually an Aston Uni student, & was wondering if you knew any charity shops around the Central Birmingham area (near New Street station etc)? I'm only a first year student & I'd love to carry on my thrifting obsession here, but so far I haven't spotted any charity shops! Thanks so much! =]

  7. Hey, I'm at the Perry Barr campus (main) but live in Selly Oak! Unfortunately there are NO charity shops in the centre. Your best bet is taking a bus out to somewhere like Kings Heath, Harborne, Sutton Coldfield or Solihull- they have lots. If city centre's what you're after though, there's a car boot sale every Sunday at the Wholesale market (just a stone's throw from the Bullring markets) and the rag market is great for vintage! :) xxx

  8. hope your uni work is going weel xxxx


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