Friday, 17 June 2011

Wicked and I'm lazy...

I know, I know, I promised to blog more now that I've finished uni! Truth be told, I've generally been revelling in  having very little responsibility while it lasts. In all honesty, for the most part I've been either drunk, hungover or working (in the bar) since handing all my uni stuff in.

Here's a little update anyway. I'm dying to get into doing some more DIYs now I have more time on my hands, it's just getting around to it...

Here's a really easy thing to do:

Men's Tshirt, £2, Charity Shop

I hacked the sleeves off a men's tee then simply cut thin strips (about 1-2cm wide) into the bottom. Looks really effective and great for summer (if we're going to get one!) of course.

And excuse me having NO makeup on here, think I'd just got out the shower after the gym!

This one isn't really a DIY, but I thought I'd show you my new bargain playsuit.

Belt, 50p, Charity Shop

I don't usually pop into COW vintage (Digbeth one, Bham) because I find it a bit overpriced but on passing I thought I'd have a little browse.

I spotted a rack of playsuits marked half price. This one was originally £8 so I got it for just £4!

It was a little longer, which annoyed me in the end so I took my scissors to it (more often than not the case with all my clothes!)- and voila!

And yes it DOES look like a dress, but looky here:

Definite playsuit from the back!

So yeah, I definitely want to do some more challenging customisations soon! On my list is...

This T Shirt which I have been dying to make ever since I saw it on the Di$count blog.

And I really really want a body harness!

I thought I could probably have a go at making a chain one like this:

£15, ASOS

But I really want a leather one like these BEAUTIFUL ones by Zana Bayne (thoroughly out of my budget unfortunately!).

I'm thinking I could re-work a cheap bondage version from eBay?!?! 

Haha what do you think?



  1. Body harness...hmm. I'm sorry but I can't help but think of "S&M" by Rihanna. But maybe that is just me. In other words, I say, if you love it, GO FOR IT. Anyways, the playsuit! Reminds me of the skorts I wore when I was younger! I wonder if the runways will bring skorts back...haha I am loving the deals and the DIY Barbados top. Keep it up, girl!

  2. Hi my dear-great to see you again, the tee is a fabulous diy piece and you look lovely!! The playsuit was a great find too xxx

  3. How fab to see you back! That denim playsuit looks like the weird invention knocking around in the 90's called the "Skort", shorts from the back with a skirt front. I love the raw edges from your DIY.
    That vest thingy is lovely. I've been tempted to do that with one of Jon's old band tees but he wont let me. x

  4. love love loving the playsuit x

  5. Ahah I think the bondage idea is an amazing idea. I'm obsessed with zana bane, if you end up doing it, TELL ME HOW SO I CAN. Love your hair! x hivenn

  6. I really want a harness - I reckon eBay is a good route to go down...
    L x


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