Sunday, 31 July 2011

A day at the 'boot


This is just a quick one to show you a few things I got at a car boot sale this morning.

I went to Gisburn's (the village mocked by Renault Megane! There was quite a stir, let me tell you) car boot sale with my mum and dad this morning. Having my parents' motivation was good because I actually went last weekend and came away more or less empty-handed because I'm too lazy to get up in good time! I didn't get there 'til gone 11am, not good bargain-hunting practice.

I picked up a few great bits; my favourites being these vintage suitcases:

P.S. Sorry about the pictures, I'm moving tomorrow and my camera charger is packed away so these were just taken on my phone.

They were just £2 each! Even the huuuuge one (which the guy said was 60s). I was so pleased to snap these up as I'm constantly envious of people picking them up for next to nothing (Sadie is a devil for this!) when all I seem to find are over-priced ones- I've seen ones like the small one on sale for £45 and £60 for ones similar to the cream one!

I was drawn to them as we were on the lookout for a vacuum cleaner for my new house in Manchester (moving tomorrow, eek!) and the seller had one stood on top of the cream case. Naturally I was far more interested in its podium.

We did in fact snap up a vacuum cleaner from another seller for £12 which seemed like a bargain as it was a reasonably new Vax one. Sadly, upon getting it home we found that the brushbar inside was completely ruined and had melted so doesn't spin round. I'm going to have to order a replacement one- annoying as these are about £12, so just as expensive as the machine!

I think I'm too trusting of people. The guy seemed a bit reluctant to let us take it out of the box but he insisted that it was in perfect working order and had only had it a few months. He seemed really nice and I guess I thought that he wouldn't rip off a young girl about to move into her own place (yes, told him the back story!). Sigh.

On a more positive note, I got all these great earrings!

I'm totally an earrings (and rings) girl and constantly lose my earrings so like to keep the stock up! Cheap, gold 80s ones like these are my faves so happily picked up five pairs for 50p a set.

I also got a great checked blazer/jacket which I think I'll do an outfit post on when the time comes as I'll probably wear it to an interview. Those of you who follow will know I'm on the hunt for a job in Manchester after graduating.

Here is where I'd insert a picture of me in a black gown throwing my cap in the air but alas, my ceremony isn't 'til Feb/March next year! It's pretty ridiculous and I'm getting jealous of seeing all my friends' pictures of theirs- I guess by then I will at least be able to afford a nice new dress! I got a First by the way; so, so chuffed, I worked really hard in my last year so happy it paid off.

So now I just need a job- or my new apartment won't last long! I have an interview on Wednesday for a paid PR and Marketing internship and will possibly be receiving a call tomorrow about another interview for a PR Account Executive role. Cross your fingers for me!



  1. ohh, the vintage suitcases you picked up are lovely. such bargains! i have two already but i'm hoping to find more to use as storage for my clothes in my bedroom.

    good luck with your interview! xx

  2. ooh loving those earrings - I always snap up the 80's Fashion Earrings whenever I see them! x

  3. I haven't been car booting for ages! So jealous of your loot, especially the suitcases. Good luck with the move and the interview!x

  4. Love those cases! Good luck with the interview :o) Scarlett x

  5. You can never have enough cases and those are a fab assortment.
    Loving the 80's blingy earrings. Shame about that Vax, what a horrible man.
    Good luck with the move and the interview. x

  6. What a bargain! I'd love some vintage suitcases for my room too. Good luck with the interview :)

  7. Ooh love the suitcases and good luck with the move and interviews. I've just realised that you are 'Trashion' Katie who I did the giveaway with on my blog - hi again!

    Vacuum man is obviously a complete dick - hopefully karma will come back and bit him on the bum.

  8. Well done on your first! :) Hopefully I will get the same when it comes to my time to graduate. Fingers crossed.

    Love the earrings and the suitcases at £2??? What a steal!

    Good luck with moving sweetie! I know those times can be pretty hectic. x

  9. Hi my dear-fabulous finds indeed, good luck with the interviews too xxx

  10. I'm obsessed with those suitcases. Every time I see one in a charity shop though I can't be bothered to carry it around so I never buy it. You've made me decide not to be so lazy in future! x

  11. I can never get up early enough to go bargain hunting with my ma and pa, they leave at 6?! It makes me wonder what time the sellers get up, or if they even bother going to bed! ...Carbooters must all be owls and vampires.

    I just left Manch- miss it so dearly! I recommend you visit Fuel cafe in Withington for some tasty breakfasts.


  12. What an amazing trip, I'm obsessed with vintage suitcases but refuse to pay £40-odd for them. Hope the move has gone well.

  13. Hehe, I do love a good bargain suitcase!

    It's such a risk buying electronics second hand - I can't believe I actually bought a camera on ebay the other day, thank goodness it worked! x


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