Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Whoahh stop, wait a minute, Mr Postman...

Not the most thrilling of posts, but this one's mainly about what I received in the post today!

The first item being a copy of the fabulous Rookie magazine...

Rookie is due to be an online magazine (there's a countdown to its launch on the website!) but my fellow blogger and BCU'er Laura was kind enough to send me a free copy ahead of the launch.

Also an aspiring journo like myself, Laura's done so well to land herself the role of Fashion Editor at Rookie.

** Job hunt update- promising stuff for a position as Social Media Assistant for a start-up fashion company (similar to ASOS apparently!) and I also have an interview for a Revolution bar! Not the media dream but it's a job nonetheless.

Anyway, I was really keen to read Laura's fashion pieces because she's an amazing fash writer (she wrote a piece on vintage shopping for me which was printed in Trashion). The magazine contains lots of fashion stuff which was good to see!

Some fashion pages
You may also notice a rather lovely ring I'm sporting in the second picture; is it an Arty you ask? Of course not!

Excuse the 'doing nothing day' lack of effort that's gone into my appearance today

I call it my 'farty' ring! (fake + Arty, geddit?). It's a pretty good copy to be honest, well worth £15 from eBay.

I decided to get it after seeing one in a post from Kavita's i heart vintage blog. When the YSL ring first hit the scene I scoured eBay (and everywhere else) for a copy- hey, I'm not paying over £100 for a ring that ain't even gold and tries to pass off glass as a real stone! Though it seems that now they've been around a while there are loads of fakies cropping up.

It's all good for a brassic graduate like me!

On that note, something else I'm due to receive in the post is my uni results! My friends who live in Birmingham got theirs today and all got firsts and 2:1s so I'm very proud! Though because I'm back in Yorkshire, I couldn't really justify 'popping in' to Birmingham to collect them so I guess they'll take a few days to arrive. I'll tweet my results as soon as I get them, or if they're worth bragging about I might even mention them in a post ;)




  1. Good luck with your results and with job hunting! The social media job sounds brilliant - definitely let us all know if you get it! x

  2. i love looking at unique magazines! that ring is lovely, gotta love a good fake. good luck with your results xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. Great ring, loving the 'farty' look ;o) Good luck for results too :o) Scarlett x

  4. Hi, thanks for your cute comment! I came to check out your blog and I love it too :) This magazine looks awesome! Good luck with the job hunt - I am hoping to go in a similar direction when I graduate so would love to hear about what your hunt! Anyway, I am now following you and would love if you'd follow back :)

  5. Wow, I never would have thought that was Kate Nash - she looks brilliant!

    Loving that ring. x

  6. Oooh, the ring's gorgeous! Definitely a great replica.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  7. Hi my dear-you look lovely and the ring is fab, hope your results are good too xxx

  8. Gahhh I love the YSL ring and yours is really legitimate looking! I like your oversize glasses too, you definitely have a cool day-off thing going for you. :)

  9. You look great ( I like your effortless look) and I love Ms Nash.
    My Blog♥
    My YouTube♥

  10. Really love looking at those magazines, Great ring, loving the 'farty' look!

  11. ooh, that magazine looks great! x


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