Friday, 4 November 2011

"Increse the Peace"

Went out for a rare drink with the boyf last night- rare due to the fact we both work in bars and do silly hours!

I got to wear my new (sort of) leopard print faux fur coat which I was pleased about!

Vintage faux fur coat: £35, eBay; Cross earring: £6 (for 2), ASOS; Letter necklace: vintage;  Belt: 50p, charity shop; Playsuit: £25, Baylis & Knight; Vintage Jane Shilton bag, £3.99, charity shop; Boots: Jeffery Campbell
I've wanted a coat like this for years but have never been lucky enough to thrift one; I finally bit the bullet and bought this one from eBay for £35 last week.

If you see a coat like this in a charity shop, buy it. Honestly, there are last year's New Look versions (which were in the sale for £20 last Jan if I recall!) going for £40+ on eBay- madness! My vintage one is a little more original so I was quite happy to fork out £35 for it.

Showing off my new Litas!
Also wearing the playsuit I mentioned in my last post. I love plain, well-fitting clothes that you can just chuck a statement coat over- I might be treading into Bet Lynch territory otherwise!

The night ended fairly weirdly. We bumped into my old manager and his friend at the pub so had a few drinks with them. After being chucked out at close, we (and a few other curious drinkers) headed over to a house opposite which was covered in fairy lights and banners and ended up going inside.

We were greeted by a load of squatters who were strewn around the house playing the guitar and scrawling on the walls. We stayed far too long for my liking- Chris was busy having a debate with one of the squatters about their rights and the fact that we pay our taxes and the rent and are getting by just fine! (Reading this over my shoulder, he says, "I was being Louis Theroux!")

The post title, "Increse the Peace", by the way is something which was penned in the Ladies at the pub, followed by "Can't spell you fucking idiot".

It perhaps was a prophecy about the events to follow...


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's not your birthday too-dayyyy...

It was, in fact, almost a month ago!

But I promised to post a little montage of things I got- which wasn't a great deal because I am now 22 and not a child! Boo!

Okay so the old-styley prints were from my friend Charlotte. Been looking for something like these to pretty-up my flat so they're perfect. I just need to thrift some mis-matched frames for them now!

The cute coasters and tissue box were little presents from my mum (now I've moved out I expect I will fall victim to constantly receiving presents 'for the house').

The gorgeous silver and turquoise stone bracelet was from my friend Sophie- she has such an eye for these things. I don't wear silver much but really should so was really pleased with it.

The earrings and perfume were from the boyf (plus a slap-up meal might I add). Hypnotic Poison by Dior is my absolute fave and has been since I was about 12 years old and smelt one of my best friend's sister's bottle. This one is the 'Sensuelle' version which is a little more subtle than the original.

I also chucked in the Mac foundation which was a little present to myself, along with my JCs. I tend to invest in really good mascaras rather than any other variety of makeup, but after trying the Mac Studio Fix Fluid I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a cheaper foundation! This is honestly fantastic; I used to think that I didn't really want/need much coverage but in my old age, my skin is a little worse for wear (mainly a build up of spot scars) and this foundation gives amazing coverage without looking too heavy. Love it!

I bought this playsuit to wear on my birthday night out. It's v. v. simple but I thought it was a good investment as it's so versatile. I bought it from a brand called Baylis and Knight, from Afflecks Palace in Manchester. All their items are handmade locally and they're such amazing quality for the price. This one was just £25.

There wasn't a great full picture of me in it on the night but I may use it for an outfit post soon.

Here's half of me with some of the Birmingham crew (couldn't resist, such a chav at heart)- there's not a picture of us all together; really wished I had been more dedicated to photos on the night!

Speaking of the uni girls, they got me this fab vintage mohair jumper!

I absolutely love it. I think it's hand-knitted because there are no labels- extra unique and special. It's very autumnal so I'm wearing it as much as possible before December, for which I'm on the hunt for a big tacky Christmas jumper!

Lots of love,

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