Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's not your birthday too-dayyyy...

It was, in fact, almost a month ago!

But I promised to post a little montage of things I got- which wasn't a great deal because I am now 22 and not a child! Boo!

Okay so the old-styley prints were from my friend Charlotte. Been looking for something like these to pretty-up my flat so they're perfect. I just need to thrift some mis-matched frames for them now!

The cute coasters and tissue box were little presents from my mum (now I've moved out I expect I will fall victim to constantly receiving presents 'for the house').

The gorgeous silver and turquoise stone bracelet was from my friend Sophie- she has such an eye for these things. I don't wear silver much but really should so was really pleased with it.

The earrings and perfume were from the boyf (plus a slap-up meal might I add). Hypnotic Poison by Dior is my absolute fave and has been since I was about 12 years old and smelt one of my best friend's sister's bottle. This one is the 'Sensuelle' version which is a little more subtle than the original.

I also chucked in the Mac foundation which was a little present to myself, along with my JCs. I tend to invest in really good mascaras rather than any other variety of makeup, but after trying the Mac Studio Fix Fluid I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a cheaper foundation! This is honestly fantastic; I used to think that I didn't really want/need much coverage but in my old age, my skin is a little worse for wear (mainly a build up of spot scars) and this foundation gives amazing coverage without looking too heavy. Love it!

I bought this playsuit to wear on my birthday night out. It's v. v. simple but I thought it was a good investment as it's so versatile. I bought it from a brand called Baylis and Knight, from Afflecks Palace in Manchester. All their items are handmade locally and they're such amazing quality for the price. This one was just £25.

There wasn't a great full picture of me in it on the night but I may use it for an outfit post soon.

Here's half of me with some of the Birmingham crew (couldn't resist, such a chav at heart)- there's not a picture of us all together; really wished I had been more dedicated to photos on the night!

Speaking of the uni girls, they got me this fab vintage mohair jumper!

I absolutely love it. I think it's hand-knitted because there are no labels- extra unique and special. It's very autumnal so I'm wearing it as much as possible before December, for which I'm on the hunt for a big tacky Christmas jumper!

Lots of love,



  1. Happy belated birthday - yeah very funny about your old age - baby! Wait a few years until you have kids and then hear "oh I didn't get you much for Christmas , I bought more stuff for the children'. Gee, thanks!

    Nice pressies, I need to do a birthday presents post too.

  2. Happy very belated birthday! Love this post. x hivenn


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