Friday, 20 January 2012

Armchair shopping

Oh dear, can't believe my last post was about Christmas. Happy New Year!

I really haven't been up to a great deal. I didn't have much time off work at Christmas so I've spent my recent days off visiting relatives, leaving less time to myself to buy awesome things- or so you'd think.

I've actually managed to sneak in some bargains, due mainly to the wonder of online shopping.

First I thought i'd share, seriously, the best online shopping experience I've had in a long time courtesy of Love clothing.

Despite noticing that they ship with Yodel, which due to dealing with them everyday in my own job I can tell you are utter shite, I got gorgeous clothes for a good price, delivered quickly and wrapped beautifully (with a cheeky 20% code for next time!).

I wanted a dress for my graduation ceremony, which despite me 'graduating' in June, isn't until February.

I settled on this red number:

Not sure whether it'll look good under my grad robes or not but who cares, I LOVE it! (no pun intended).

For spending over £60, you got £15 off so I was tempted by another offer they had on for two items for £30 to make up the numbers.

I got this leopard print wrap dress:

And this pleated maxi skirt:

A good haul for £60 I say!

I was also really impressed by the fact they used blogger photos for some of their items. Made a welcome change to the usual purely product-focused shots.

Jennifer from The Native Fox was featured with the Maroon Chiffon Cross Bust Asymmetrical Maxi

It seems that the Brown Leopard Print Long Sleeve Wrap Dress has sold out and I can't find the blogger pic (sorry!)  however the gorgeous Charlene of Strutt was featured with the similar Snake Print dress

Here's another little collection of recent buys:

At the top is an awesome 80s leather jacket I bought from COW in Manchester. I tried this jacket on shortly after moving here when I was penniless, so resigned it back to the rail. Having gone back after getting a job I wasn't surprised that it was gone. But fate was shining on me and upon popping in for a browse in the January sales, there it was- half price at £18! Result.

Then we have a pretty vintage lace collar I bought from eBay for around £5. Not sure if it's very me or if I'll wear it but we'll see.

Finally we have a Pritchard Vs. Dainton T shirt. Another eBay buy at £1.99.

Now, this will only mean anything to you if, like me, you are a massive Dirty Sanchez fan- which isn't particularly likely but i thought I'd share it regardless. I think I'm actually in love with Matt Pritchard and have been looking for one of these T shirts everywhere!

Here's a little video of the boys if you aren't familiar:

The real thing:
I know at circa £80 the Zara version doesn't break the bank but I'm not feeling so flush at the moment and the look-a-like bag is really good! Okay, it's not leather and it took an age to arrive (well, around 2 weeks) but for the price you can't complain.

Hopefully you might get some outfit posts out of me with all this lot.

Stay tuned!



P.S. I just noticed that I'm now on 96 Google Followers! Thank you so much to everyone who's subscribed to my little blog- means a lot!


  1. I love love LOVE this red dress, I so nearly bought this just before new year it's gorgeous!


  2. That bag's a great ebay find. x

  3. Lovely blog you have here!
    Been after that bag for a while as well but might just make my own bag ;)
    Kat// frock&roll

  4. cute! i love all the asymmetric hems :) xx

  5. The dress you got for graduation looks lovely :) Gorgeous colour and I love the asymmetric hem!
    That's cool how they're featuring bloggers on there site!

    Caroline x

  6. oh wow I LOVE the red dress you got; it's gorgeous!



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