Monday, 20 February 2012

A review: Graze


I don't often do reviews, but I thought that the new Graze boxes might be of interest to some of you.

These are little boxes of healthy(ish) goodies which are delivered straight through your letter box.

I decided to try a box as,

1. I'm trying (not very hard in all honesty) to eat healthier. A big part of this is my snacking. I LOVE snacking. Give me a medley of snacks over a proper meal any day. Working in an office environment has definitely made me more aware of what I snack on; which brings me to my next point...

2. It was free. My lovely workmate Lavelle introduced me to them and by passing on her code, I got my first box free and will get a free fifth one too.

They've caused a bit of excitement in the office, with a few of us having them ordered to work each week- it's always nice to get something in the post!

So on to business. Here's my first one:

On first glance the packaging looks fairly plain, but with a simple, eco-friendly vibe

Presentation inside is lovely! So exciting to open

Looks yummy so far
'Bounty Hunter'- a mix of milk chocolate buttons, dried cranberries and coconut
'Cherry Tomato, Basil and Puglian Pesto Foccacia'
'Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack'- there were three pieces, I got excited and ate some before the picture!
'Fruity Ploughmans'- poppyseed flatbread pieces with pear and apple chutney
This box was very impressive, I must say. My favourite snack was 'Bounty Hunter'; the coconut flakes, cranberries and chocolate complimented one another perfectly. It tasted amazing yet still felt healthy! The flapjack was also very nice, although I couldn't taste much cinnamon. The bread was okay- by no means as good as freshly baked from a bakery. Oh and here's a tip: apparently if your boxes arrive on a Monday, you will never get the bread as it is baked on the Sunday (or something like that). So finally onto the 'Fruity Ploughmans'. These were reasonable, although I expected the dip to be more like a sweet preserve and it was definitely more like a savoury chutney- probably what I should've expected.

All in all, a great little box of snacks.

I received my second box on Thursday.

I received Orange and Ginger Flapjack, 'Crunchini Basilico' (crispy breads with basil-infused olive oil), 'Limoncello' (a mix of walnuts, lemon-infused sultanas and cherries) and 'Super Berry Detox' (green raisons, goji berries, cranberries and blueberries).

This one was a bit of a mixed bag (or box, if you will). I enjoyed the 'Crunchini Basilico', although it was very oily- surprise, surprise! And the flapjack was to die for. I wasn't fond of the goji berries in the berry mix and I found that I got a little bored of it- perhaps too healthy for me! And I barely touched the 'Limoncello' snack, mainly because I don't like nuts.

Which brings me to an important point. I'd let this one slip through. When signing up, you are invited to rate the snacks. You can 'bin' all the snacks you aren't interested in (for me, that was a lot. I'm a fussy eater) and opt to 'try' others, as well as stating that you 'like' or 'love' others. If you think you're going to be particular about what you get, I'd suggest setting your preferences to only receiving snacks you like and love.

The Verdict

So far I'm enjoying my boxes. Usually they are priced £3.79- which isn't bad considering that they are delivered too. I'm happy to keep ordering mine until my offers run out (I'm currently paying £2.79 a box).

I can imagine that they might get a little repetitive, though I haven't chosen the broadest range of options.

In all fairness to Graze, my boxes aren't a great representation of the range of snacks available. They do 'dips and dippers', breads, crackers, flapjacks, olives, 'natural treats', dried fruit and nut mixes, nuts, dried fruits and seeds.

If you'd like to try a box for free, just click here (UK only). If the link doesn't work, you'll need to input code VNBGVPT.

Did you enjoy the review? Have you tried a Graze box? what do you think?



P.S. Did you notice I've got a proper domain?! I wanted to change the URL from being my username (katieafox) but all the suitable .blogspot ones were taken so I thought I'd buy the real deal!

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