Thursday, 22 March 2012

All American Girl

Do you remember me talking about customising a vintage Levi denim jacket to create an American flag version? (see post)

I only bloody well went and did it didn't I!

(I actually finished it a few weeks ago, just haven't got around to posting about it until now)

Here it is:

It was really easy and cheap to make!

I eBayed everything. The fabric was around £1.20 for a large piece; the studs were £1 for a bagful (came from China and didn't take long at all!) and the jacket (a men's size small) was second-hand from a UK seller, picked up for around £8.

My sewing machine has packed in so I had the painstaking task of handstitching the fabric on.

The material was really bright so I ended up using the underside of it as the bit on show.

This was after a rather haphazard attempt at trying to lighten it in the bathroom sink with Domestos. This didn't work- not that I'd recommend it even if it had...

Don't think my outfit goes together so well but just threw the jacket over what I had on for the picture.
Necklace: Vintage Fair; Dress: £19,; Vintage Belt: 50p, charity shop; Ring: gift

I'm really pleased with it! I've only worn it a handful of times but had loads of compliments.

I'm in a really creative mood at the moment- are you customising anything for Spring?




Saturday, 3 March 2012

Well Frock Me!


Today I just wanted to show some love for a really great independent vintage company.

Frock On Vintage is based in Birmingham and is owned and managed by the lovely Pam Cheema whom I've had the great pleasure of meeting.

Pam loaned me some clothes while I was creating my third year project, a fashion magazine, which really helped me get a great mark- thanks Pam!

Pam has done so well with Frock On and deservedly so. Since I moved away from Birmingham, the Bullring Topshop has instated a Frock On concession- something I've yet to see!

Frock On now has a brand-spanking new website which I was very pleased about because I can shop the collection from the comfort of my sofa in Manchester.

It didn't take me long to snap something up.

I CANNOT resist something as garish and 80s as this.

I'm loving all the bright floral SS12 prints that are around at the moment and this bag definitely channels the vibe.

SS12 Garish Floral

(First proper go at Polyvore here- really love it!)

Can't wait to use it when the weather cheers up!

Here are some more items on my wishlist from Frock On:

Gorgeous, affordable vintage. Would definitely recommend checking it out.

Have you found any great clothing sites recently? I'm always on the hunt for new ones!



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