Monday, 14 May 2012

Shiny Disco Balls

Or rather, pants!

Yes that's right, I'm talking about the American Apparel Disco Pants that are literally everywhere at the moment.

I bought mine a few weeks ago and haven't had chance to show them off yet.

This is what I wore on Saturday night for a few casual drinks out.

Cross earring, handmade by me; Levi's denim jacket, borrowed from boyfriend, Sheer top, sale ages ago,  John Zack; Leopard bralet, £7.99, New Look; Belt, 50p, charity shop; Bag, £3.99, vintage Jane Shilton via charity shop; Trousers, £70, American Apparel; Shoes, £120, Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Everything you've heard about these trousers is true. They are incredibly flattering (trust me, being of the larger variety of woman, shiny spandex pants don't instantly scream 'wear me'!) and are worth every penny of their £70 price tag. Even though I've spotted plenty of girls wearing them on a night out, I get compliments every time I wear mine.

I'm wearing them with my boyfriend's Levi jacket and the ever-trusty Jeffrey Campbells. I have my own Levi's jacket, the stars and stripes one I customised, and thought about getting myself a plain one; though, I realised that me and the fella would never wear ours at the same time so why not pinch his whenever it's up for grabs!

Hmmm, probably should have hung that jacket up somewhere rather than dumping it in the frame of the picture...
I've had this sheer black top for a year or too now and it's continually stayed put as one of my favourites. I love wearing black clothing and sometimes it can be a bit heavy, especially when you aren't quite confident enough to get more flesh out- sheer therefore is the way to go! The leopard print bralet underneath was a recent purchase from New Look.

I love the batwing style of the top and how untucking it at the back makes it a little more interesting...

What's your go-to piece at the moment?


Foxy x

Monday, 7 May 2012

Buy it, cut it, stick it, stud it, sew it, change it, rip - upgrade it

Sorry Daft Punk for defaming your lyrics...

I've been customising some jeans!

In my last post I mentioned my accumulation of thrifted jeans that I have long intended to turn into cut off shorts.

Well last week I had some spare time and, clearly nothing else to do, so I put my crafty hat on (can you imagine how that would look? I bet it would be covered in buttons and pom poms) and got to it!

Here are the results:

Sorry for the over-feature of my bedspread on the blog, it really is the best background!

These are my faves and sadly, too small for me. My good friend Clare is taking them off my hands though so they're going to a good home.

I buy all my studs from Chinese sellers on eBay. They typically take a couple of weeks to arrive but for £1 for a bagful you can't go wrong.

The leather inverted cross was made from the off-cuts off some leather trousers (also made into shorts!)

These beauties just about fit me; the dilemma being that I can't move. I'm hoping that if I get a holiday booked soon I'll have some incentive to get into them!

They were originally vintage Wrangler jeans picked up in a charity shop for £1.50.

My hoarding ways proved useful with these. I knew hanging on to the scrap of material that I once called a fancy dress costume would eventually come good...

With my uni ladies. On true form as well- being too late to get hold of one of the 'official' bar crawl t shirts!

These Levi jeans were another charity shop purchase at £2.49. The studs and fabric were left over from the American Flag jacket I made earlier...

Wish I could keep these but they're a bit too big so eBay they go!

I won't bang on about these ones as I already mentioned them in a previous post. The jeans really were the bargain of the century (okay, perhaps car boot) at just 50p!

and finally...

Okay so these aren't denim but needed sorting out nevertheless.

I bought the leather trousers from eBay ages ago; they were too small then and there's no bloody chance they'd fit now! I chopped the legs off (I have loads of leather left for other DIYs) and added a single stud to the back pockets. These are currently going on eBay too.

Well, I'm DIY'd out, how about you? Have you customised anything recently?


Foxy x
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