Saturday, 28 July 2012

Transitional? More like Torrential!


I'm now convinced that the minuscule amount of summer we've had is over!

This morning I awoke to glorious sunshine and 20°C heat, so with a spring in my step, I pegged my washing out, broke out the bare legs and set off into town in my sandals.

I wore this:

Sunglasses: Forever 21; Earrings: Car Boot Sale; Jacket/Shirt: Army Surplus Shop; Dress: Forever 21; Belt: Charity Shop, Sandals: New Look

In true Manchester style, two hours later the heavens opened and it absolutely chucked it down! I resembled a drowned rat when I arrived back and to add insult to injury, my washing was soaked!

Luckily, my spirits were high after a successful shopping trip, thanks to Office Shoes who literally have the best sale on ever!

I popped in to look for sandals for my holiday (which I'm yet to book- so organised) and was drawn to the Jeffrey Campbell's which appeared to be... in the sale section?

My eyes did not deceive me- £50 off!

I chose these in burgundy as I thought they'd be really wearable for A/W too

From my Instagram- 'katieafox'

They're the 'Foxy' style (how apt!) and I'm totally in love with them! I already have the Lita's so I thought these would be really nice as they're open-toed.

I trotted off to House of Fraser in search of a bikini where I bumped into the lovely Sarah of Fashion Dotty who I promptly showed my new purchase off to.

She mentioned that Office were also knocking 50% off their own brand sale prices too! Now, this I missed earlier amidst all the Jeffrey Campbell excitement.

I moseyed over to the Office concession and couldn't believe my eyes.

After trying on around 20 pairs of shoes (no word of a lie), I settled for these:

Was £55, bought for £12.50- madness! They're suede too.


Also suede, was £68, also £12.50!

All in all, £80 for three pairs of shoes that would have originally cost £228.

I'm so happy, I could weep.

Have you picked up any amazing bargains in the summer sales?





Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Night at the Opera...


This week I got an invitation to a rather, erm, different event- the Opera!

Now, usually I might have laughed off such an idea, but I was intrigued as this opera was a collaboration with Peroni. Any event where the chance of a free premium lager is more than a likelihood, I'm there.

The event was called Opera di Peroni, a contemporary outdoor opera aimed at introducing the genre to a clueless new generation.

It was held in big marquee at Media City, Manchester, which was great to have a nosey around. Can't believe I hadn't had a proper look around there before as it was one of my reasons for moving to Manchester (being a media type and all).

Here's what I wore:

Jacket: Topshop sale (old); Sheer Crop Top: c/o Forever 21; Galaxy Skirt: Missguided; Zara-a-like bag: eBay; Belt: 50p, Charity Shop; Necklace: Vintage Fair
Media City is so nice! It was really sunny too so Chris and I had tea at one of the restaurants outside.

You can see the marquee across the water

The opera was actually really fun, some great characters and costumes- plus plenty of free Peroni and Italian 'Apertivo's'!

The event is yet to tour Liverpool and Glasgow so there's still chance to go see it.

Have you been anywhere out of the ordinary recently?


Foxy x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Forever Twenty One


So, I had the immense pleasure of taking part in something amazing at the weekend. A troupe of Manchester bloggers (Emma, Penny, Sarah, Katie, Jazmin  and Jen) and I, were invited down to the Forever 21 store on  Oxford Street in London for a shop-a-thon in anticipation of the grand opening of the Trafford Centre shop on 21st July.

There are so many reasons that I was thrilled to take part in the event. Firstly, I don't regard my little blog as attention worthy at all and it still surprises me that I have an amazing little following of readers (thank you!). For this reason, I don't really get invited to fashion events as a 'blogger' so it was amazing to be chosen as part of a select few. Also, I'm rather new to Manchester (I moved here last summer) and to be recognised as part of the Manchester blogging scene is just amazing. Plus, Forever 21 has a special little place in my heart as the first UK store was in Birmingham- where I went to uni. I still remember all the hype around it and even though I didn't shop there a great deal, it was one more little thing I missed after moving.

Anyway, let's put the violins away- on with the shopping!

After shopping, we went to a lovely little Italian restaurant called Rocket, hidden away down a side street away from the hubbub of Oxford Street.

I had the most amazing pizza- pancetta and goats cheese with cherry tomatoes and a balsamic glaze.

We all had to admire Katie's vigor for ordering the calzone, which was the size of a small child!

Here's a quick snap of some of the things I got- which was loads! Forever 21 is such great value, you get a lot more for your money than you'd expect from other high street chains of the same quality.

I began picking up a lot of black (surprise, surprise) so I moved out of my comfort zone a bit with some bright prints and a few neon tops.

I hope to style some of this up and do some outfit posts soon.

If anyone in Manchester fancies going along to the launch of the new store, I'm told that the first 300 through the door get a giftcard to spend in store!

On a final note, I had a fantastic day and met some lovely people- hope to meet up soon!




Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Full Metal Jacket


This is just a quick one to show you a simple DIY I just did.

A few weeks ago I was back at home (North Yorkshire) and decided to pay a visit to my favourite army shop, as I was after a camouflage jacket.

I was chuffed to pick up this U.S. Army Jacket for £9.99

Vintage Camo Shirt

And this lighter camo jacket/shirt for only £5.99

Vintage Camo shirt

It was funny actually; as soon as I was back in Manchester, I spotted about 20 girls wearing them in town, then logged onto the Topshop website to find that they were massively pushing them too!

To make mine stand out a bit, I decided to add something else I'm loving at the moment- spike studs. Anyone who follows me on Pinterest will have probably noticed that I'm having a bit of a stud fetish phase!

As with all of my studs, I ordered them from a Chinese seller on eBay, so they took a few weeks to arrive; they were only about £2 for 20 studs with free shipping.

Please first accept my apologies for my appearance and for not styling this properly- I'd just been to the gym (hence the wildy uncool and very old Three Peaks Challenge t shirt!). Mind you, I say went to the gym but that's literally all it was; I grabbed some old leggings off the floor this morning and when I got changed at the gym I realised they had a huge hole in them and came straight home in shame!

These are screw-back studs and were really easy to apply. I used the tip of a pair of fabric scissors to make a small hole to push them through.

May also add some patches like Jessie J's from Wireless Festival this weekend.

Have you had a go at studding anything?


Foxy x
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