Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Full Metal Jacket


This is just a quick one to show you a simple DIY I just did.

A few weeks ago I was back at home (North Yorkshire) and decided to pay a visit to my favourite army shop, as I was after a camouflage jacket.

I was chuffed to pick up this U.S. Army Jacket for £9.99

Vintage Camo Shirt

And this lighter camo jacket/shirt for only £5.99

Vintage Camo shirt

It was funny actually; as soon as I was back in Manchester, I spotted about 20 girls wearing them in town, then logged onto the Topshop website to find that they were massively pushing them too!

To make mine stand out a bit, I decided to add something else I'm loving at the moment- spike studs. Anyone who follows me on Pinterest will have probably noticed that I'm having a bit of a stud fetish phase!

As with all of my studs, I ordered them from a Chinese seller on eBay, so they took a few weeks to arrive; they were only about £2 for 20 studs with free shipping.

Please first accept my apologies for my appearance and for not styling this properly- I'd just been to the gym (hence the wildy uncool and very old Three Peaks Challenge t shirt!). Mind you, I say went to the gym but that's literally all it was; I grabbed some old leggings off the floor this morning and when I got changed at the gym I realised they had a huge hole in them and came straight home in shame!

These are screw-back studs and were really easy to apply. I used the tip of a pair of fabric scissors to make a small hole to push them through.

May also add some patches like Jessie J's from Wireless Festival this weekend.

Have you had a go at studding anything?


Foxy x


  1. It looks awesome! I'm actually waiting on some studs at the moment - the screw ones like these but silver. I've been waiting three weeks - I guess that' what you get for ordering from China!

    Laila x

  2. Waiting on eBay too! Looks brilliant though, you should link up with my party.

  3. Love that, especially with the studs added!
    Your gym story made me laugh =)

  4. This looks great! I've actually just bought some studs so I can change some shorts that I have! Exciteddd! x

  5. HEY there!! i really like your camo jacket its like perfection!
    if i ask a favour would you be able to send one over to australia?
    and i'll pay you? if thats ok?

  6. like pay you extra $20 or something?


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