Saturday, 28 July 2012

Transitional? More like Torrential!


I'm now convinced that the minuscule amount of summer we've had is over!

This morning I awoke to glorious sunshine and 20°C heat, so with a spring in my step, I pegged my washing out, broke out the bare legs and set off into town in my sandals.

I wore this:

Sunglasses: Forever 21; Earrings: Car Boot Sale; Jacket/Shirt: Army Surplus Shop; Dress: Forever 21; Belt: Charity Shop, Sandals: New Look

In true Manchester style, two hours later the heavens opened and it absolutely chucked it down! I resembled a drowned rat when I arrived back and to add insult to injury, my washing was soaked!

Luckily, my spirits were high after a successful shopping trip, thanks to Office Shoes who literally have the best sale on ever!

I popped in to look for sandals for my holiday (which I'm yet to book- so organised) and was drawn to the Jeffrey Campbell's which appeared to be... in the sale section?

My eyes did not deceive me- £50 off!

I chose these in burgundy as I thought they'd be really wearable for A/W too

From my Instagram- 'katieafox'

They're the 'Foxy' style (how apt!) and I'm totally in love with them! I already have the Lita's so I thought these would be really nice as they're open-toed.

I trotted off to House of Fraser in search of a bikini where I bumped into the lovely Sarah of Fashion Dotty who I promptly showed my new purchase off to.

She mentioned that Office were also knocking 50% off their own brand sale prices too! Now, this I missed earlier amidst all the Jeffrey Campbell excitement.

I moseyed over to the Office concession and couldn't believe my eyes.

After trying on around 20 pairs of shoes (no word of a lie), I settled for these:

Was £55, bought for £12.50- madness! They're suede too.


Also suede, was £68, also £12.50!

All in all, £80 for three pairs of shoes that would have originally cost £228.

I'm so happy, I could weep.

Have you picked up any amazing bargains in the summer sales?






  1. Aaah so jealous of these amazing shoe purchases - wish there was an Office near me!

    1. I checked and they're the same prices online too! Ooh Laila I just Lydia's post on Fashion Flux, didn't know you had a little shop, there's some gorgeous things! xxx

  2. I'm soooo ("jls" ;) jealous! very nice pairs of shoes! I love JC ones! and those prices are just pefect!

  3. Love that camo jacket and all those shoes are awesome!!!

    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

    P.S. I'm having an INTERNATIONAL $75 Shopbop giveaway on my blog, so don't forget to enter! :)
    A's Fashion Files
    $75 Shopbop Giveaway!

  4. What bargains! I especially love the burgundy JC's, they'll be wearable all year round!

  5. Lovely shoes. I picked up some trousers (Jane Norman sale - they gave me a fricken Peacocks bag, same company and they 'need to use them up' gah! The big square bags were the most useful carrier bags of all for re-use).

  6. Proper bargs mate, well done! I didn't realise it was the flatforms that were so cheap. I will be perusing those tomorrow..

  7. oooo BARGAIN! ive just placed an office order too which was meant to be £110 but got it for £22 haha so worth waiting for the sales xx

  8. I love the outfit and the bordeau sandals!


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